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Vedder's VESC 6.0


I agree. As much as we all love Frank, this isnt about a singular product, but instead Vesc6 and its architecture as a whole


Maybe because he is taking advantage of an open source project and making money without releasing his sources? I am not a lawyer :slight_smile: Just guessing. But there is a scheme with vesc and open source and releasing. :slight_smile: sorry


Give him some time. Fran spent months evangelizing before they released the code. The kool-aid is strong in this one :slight_smile:


They only thing he use was the schematic… the only thing he need to share is the schematic IF he had made any modification… the open source rules are different for software and hardware… Also the Hardware hasn’t been release yet, so is it really open source ?


Taking advantage of the schematics yes, why don’t you make your own PCB then ?


@stewii has offered to release the BOM (bill of materials) and stencil if you read this thread.

Anyways, if this isn’t just about moving this to another thread (which it isn’t as @chaka the thread originator said its OK to post about it here) then this flagging @stewii for sale of his offering accompanied by pics and videos of a legitimate product has to do with:

  1. People being haters

  2. Heavily entrenched interests that have products or want to bring their own VESC product to market

  3. Heavily entrenched interests with regards to the owners of this forum to pick winners/losers that may be their own friends or businesses in “cahoots”

  4. The above 1,2,3 only have relevance because lets face it - he who has VESC owns DIY esk8 more than anyone else

I can’t think of any other reasons. I am in no way anti-Trampa - I have $$$$ invested in them and love their products.

へ[ ᴼ ▃ ᴼ ]_/¯


I wanted to calm the things, but it seems it didn’t work :frowning:

Please cool down, I think (hope) everything (HW sources) will be available soon.


I would be willing to bet it is something like the openBCI project.

It is a brain computer interface that allows you to think and then it runs through a microcontroller to give you outputs. Would be tough to have a variable control though.


I got no idea how to PM you, since there is no button next to your name. But I’d like to have one.


Hey do you have vesc6 pcb designs?


I would like one please.


Is there any news on the reference design by vedder? It’s been a couple months since launch and I’d like to see the stripped down versions frank was talking about. I have no need for NRF for example and would love some focbox-price-level Vesc6s


They aren’t incentivized to release it quickly… for all we know maybe BV is splitting his time fixing bugs… I see a lot of firmware releases.

@stewii is making gr8 progress on shipping out his first units… cover will be white not yellow.

There are people who like him who are using the schematics that have been released to create their own for now until we get the reference design.


hello i need 2


Luis you can’t just randomly get on the site and start pm’ing people who don’t sell things to sell you those things.

Here bud let me help you out :slight_smile:

@stewii Vesc6 clone
@trampa Vesc6 original (

If you need bms… you need go to or lucy @

any other thing you need?


Can a 2.4Ghz RC remote be used with the vesc 6 as it was used with the vesc 4?


Yes of course, the only difference is that you need a 3pin JST-PH cable with 2mm pitch and female connector to connect the receiver. In my case I soldered it directly to the receiver but you can solder or buy an adapter cable.


Thanks dude!


So, is it just me or am I the only one getting frustrated by the VESC 6?
First, my vesc tool has different firmware versions between operating systems (3.27 for windows) (3.32 for linux)
When I load up either of the vesc tools, it says theres an update… to go to the website. But on the website there isn’t any update! however you can see that the “vesc platinum” was updated at the mid of the year 2017, but the others haven’t been touched since 2016. Anyone else notice this? So I guess I should just ignore the update notice? that a strike on vedder. because there is literally no quick way of telling which version is what. Like all the zips are labeled the same and it shows purchased date but not updated date. I don’t know if my problem is isolated to a software or hardware because of this lack of date records.
What is the latest update for the vesc_tool? And are there differences in these updates between windows and linux?
Then theres the STLink. Had to modify the one which worked on the last vesc in order to work with this one.
Then theres the over voltage fault. in other words. I check the battery and its at 48.1 volts. however when I look at the real time data. it says its at 61.7 volts. why? if the voltage isn’t the right one, is it a hardware fault or a software fault?
then out of the 2 I ordered the other one of them worked for maybe a minute before status lights never came on again. I smelled something burning so I quickly shut it off. I think I got a lemon. thats a strike for trampa. I already messaged Trampa… about a warranty. But is there even a warranty? I mean these vescs have never left the house yet ones burning up and the other is giving me a wrong voltage.
I find it hard to believe that because I’m getting issues with 2/2 of the vescs I received, that I’m the only one. Has anyone had issues setting up like these?
Anyone get it fixed promptly?

Hardware version V6.41

UPDATE: Trampa contacted me and we discussed back and forth. Strike striked out because we narrowed it down to a notice issue. Notice was about installing an ubuntu environment and immediately connecting an STLink for firmware update without notice of the 3.3v voltage injection issue.


The 57v could be related to hardware issue, if it calculates in the same way as on the 4,12. And before it burn have you been able to connect your vesc to the PC, because I think you burn the DRV you also lost the ability to connect to a pc (I’m still not sure about that)