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Vedder's VESC 6.0


i have 2 vescs. one shows 61.7v and the other I’m pretty sure burned out. Thanks for responding


Where are you located?


Get in touch with Frank @trampa I’m sure he’ll help You out.


Johnny the legend can probably fix it



Hi WrinklyWink, I mailed you as soon as I received your mail. You got a response within less than a day.

You should always download the latest file from The website.
In fact you can’t download old versions, no matter of the date of “purchase”.
The download will always be the latest VESC-Tool having the latest FW aboard.
There where plenty of updates last year!
Please update the VESC and see if the Voltage is still calculated funny/wrong.
I will also ask Benjamin about this issue.



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Nice, well as @GrecoMan said if you can’t get help from trampa I can probably fix them for you.


@WrinklyWink send me one and send the other to @JohnnyMeduse then we can race to see who can repair them first :joy:


Do you really wanna bet… because guess who’s doing repair for enertion support :sunglasses:

Edit: Sorry I had badly express myself FocBox repair only for Enertion


Oh yeah well I do repairs for people and stuff too :man_mechanic:


Also you should tell enertion I’m cool and they should hire me so I can get cool equipment and be forced to test Raptor 2’s occasionally :wink:




…except for me :sunglasses:


I would say dead voltage regulators and dead STM due to 3.3V SWD-Port injection from ST-LINK V2.
The internally shortened STM32 heats up and starts to smell in consequence.
Should be quite easy to fix if no other parts fried as well.



Hi, do you have a rough idea on the release date of the reference pcb files?




I don’t see the answer to that question in the link. Can you be more specific ?


Short answer: they won’t release


It could be, If the DRV is badly soldered the reference point for the Buck is offset and the voltage could higher than 5.5 which is more than the step-down can take.


Check what BV said on forum :

A short summary:
The VESC firmware and VESC Tool are and will stay open source.
The VESC 6 schematic is open source, and available on the hardware documentation page along with other open hardware designs.
The VESC 6 layout and gerber files will not be released to the public, for reasons explained in the hardware page.
A complete 3 shunt reference layout kicad project, very similar to the VESC 6, will be released as soon as I have time.