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Vedder's VESC 6.0


Those are good names too. Just as long as it’s identifiable without infringing on Trampa rules for the naming.

EDIT: @stewii - you should put your findings/product in it’s own thread I think to not hijack VESC6 thread. imho.


gimme a SEXBOX pls!


The Sextet


Keep me updated for two units price & availability shipped to France please!


Same for me ! :wink:


What’s the status on the reference hardware?


Ready too for 2 units , shipping to France
Keep me updated for price etc​:wink::+1::+1:


@Chaka idk if you’re reading this thread still but I thought I’d just make sure you know people are asking you to take their money :stuck_out_tongue:


@Chaka Take my money!


It is in the works!


Im not actually kidding when I say, if you get the product ready in the next couple months. I will legitamately purchase 25+ units from you as Im doing a massive project!


Guys why are @stewii flagging his content? He has a legitimate VESC based on VESC6 schematics and is taking orders. What’s up with the censoring? Myself and others are placing orders with him. His VESC matches the schematics. I have (4) VESC6’s already and love to see how they perform against his product… we shouldn’t censor builders/providers like this.

If needed move this to another thread – but flat out censoring… that’s not the spirit here.


I agree with what @gogomrrobot said. Besides open source is open source :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That has to be one of the worst responses from a vendor i’ve ever seen.

The correct response would be “we see that presents a problem and are looking into a solution.” It doesn’t even matter if you really are. But don’t sandwich a solution in insults. Pretend you fucking care if you don’t.


I’ll have to disagree here. I’d rather them speak their mind even if it’s not what I want to hear. Rather than feed me unadulterated bullshit


I would be down for 2 units. Keep me updated


Also agree, there is no need to censor here.

Edit- sensor


I was like wth are you going on about until I realised you meant “censor” :grin:


I think that a better place for these orders would be in the “New Items for sale” category!


Since this is my thread I think i should have the final word on that. Its a free market, if you have vesc six developed and want to share it this is the thread to do it!