Vedder Anti-Spark switches for sale (from 18€)



Hi, I have the same battery set up as this guy (14s, 150a BMS on discharge)!! I’m also looking for an on/off switch most likely the 100a one. PM me or send me an email at


See above please!


info in PM


im running 10s 50a max which switch should i get?


info in PM


Im also running 10s 50a max and interested in a antispark


info in PM


@eLDoska still selling your modules?


10 char


Can you tell me whats the current price for the 3- and 5-Mosfet version with xt90 connectors and the LED-switch. Shipping is to Germany. How do I order/pay etc.?
Just to be sure, 12s is ok?


yes, 12S is ok
info in PM


I need also 2 of it. How do I order. Shipping to Germany.


info in PM


Thank You @eLDoska - I received mine, and they are fantastic!


Can I remove the push button switch / LED, and just use a regular SPDT switch without an LED?

Can I use the 12v leads to power something else - such as an Arduino, or separate led’s or lights? (what is the maximum milliamps that I could draw?)



great news :slight_smile:

yes, you can use a regular SPDT

about 20mA (0,02A)


Hi are you still selling this. I need one for my 12s system. Please PM me!!!


hi. yes. info in PM