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Vedder Anti-Spark switches for sale (from 18€)



info in PM


Hey buddy, I’m interested in this 3 wire switch anti spark. do you have any available to ship to the USA.


Note to all:
Got my switches from @eLDoska a few weeks back. Shopping from Europe to Canada was faster than expected. The quality of the pcb and his soldering is quite apparent. I bought the 3 mosfet bare bones and it’s been working great thus far.
Very happy with the purchase of the switches from this fine gentleman. Highly recommended.


info in PM


trying to PM you but can’t find the option.
Can you please pm me for the details of purchasing.


info in PM


Can u PM also? I am interested in the latest 3 Mosfet edition. Thanks


I am intressed in this anti spark

My setup as is
Dual 6355 170kv
Dual focbox

Any help would be great

If possible reply to my email adress




Got my 5 mosfet about a week ago. Thanks again.


info in PM


Hi, I’m interested in 2 mosfet version for a 8s setup. Only pcb with smd soldered. Could you please provide also the fuse ? I’m from Italy


hi! info in PM


Hello, interested in 3 mosfet, please send details and thank you!


Hi. I’m interested in 3 mosfet version.


info in pm