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Vedder Anti-Spark switches for sale (from 18€)



info in PM


Sent you PM


Hi, I want to buy one Anti-Spark with this refrence “Anti-Spark switch (with XT60 or XT90; 40A fuse; heat shrink tube; 10AWG wire; on/off switch) - 34$ + shipping”

The conector VESC XT60 FEMALE and the batteries XT60 MALE, thanks.


info in PM


I want one when can i get it and how?


info in PM


W A N T. but seriously you got any of these left?


info in PM


Do you have one with everything but the switch?


info in PM


Hi there
I would like the 3 thx
Regards Garry wagener


With light switch and fuse thx
Regards Garry wagener


info in PM


Hi i would like to get a 3 mosfet Anti-Spark switch with 60A fuse.
plaese send me a pm


i would like to get one


info in PM


Hi, looking for a few Vedder anti spark switches for 12S. Xt60 connectors. Pls let me. Ow how to purchase ASAP. Thanks!


info in PM


Got mine in.


How do we go about buying this ?