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Vedder Anti-Spark switches for sale (from 18€)



Interested in a 5 mosfet package soldered up with illuminated switch (is a red one possible?), would a high amp blade fuse holder soldered direct to the board be an issue?

Thinking of the heavier duty switch with a smaller 60A fuse


IMG_20180109_222030_HDR — копия (2)

Looks tough dude!

how much to ship down under? (Au)


5 mosfet switch comes like on photo + heatsink tube, and without wires and connectors, because i dont have 6-8AWG wire.
led collor of the switch is only blue. but you can change the buttoun yourself. just take the button from the holder and put your button.

i dont recommend to solder fuse holders, because in most cases the contact area with fuse holder is smaller than by direct soldering.

shipping to Au ~ 5€/6$


Could I or you add screw terminals to the 5 mosfet switch?
I have started to crimp my 6-8-10 awg wire connections… :muscle:


sorry, i dont have any screw terminals, but you can add them yourself.


so if I use a bolt-washer-pcb (switch)-washer-ring terminal-spring washer-nut and drill the pcb with my drill press it should be adequate?

Anything I should look out for?

The ev guys discuss using bellville washers, but also mention 1kv & pcb temps over 120 degrees which is over kill for my application.


i recommend to solder your wires to make better contact between your wires ans copper reinforcement on pcb


soldering 6awg is a PIA


if you want to drill this pcb, pls drill it in red areas and use wider washers(black circles as example) to make better contact with copper reinforcement :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice bro, i’ll work it out.
Put me down for one.
Lets see if I can blow it up on my eMTB :rage:

pm sent


I’m using a 6s lipo than the 2 Mosfet one should be enough right ? Do you still got one for me ? Needs to go to the Netherlands.


yes, 2 mosfet switch works well with up to 10S battery.
info in PM.


@eLDoska just wanted to mention, that just increasing mosfet count is not good design approach you also need to recalculate values of the RC circuit on the gate because it will cause a problem. Check out our discussion in my topic with @SimosMCmuffin


i know it. thank you for your care :slight_smile:


Optionally you could put some real Low-side driver ICs for the FETs to make sure they are driven high or low properly.


can you do 60a


Ill take a 5 mosfet package with goodies sent to Australia please kind sir!


info in PM


@eLDoska I need two boards. One for a 6S 30A setup and one for a 12S 20A setup. I don’t need you to solder anything, as I will do that myself.


info in PM.