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Vedder Anti-Spark switches for sale (from 18€)



still on sale ?
I’d need one with 50amp fuse if possible :slight_smile:


sure, info in pm.


Are they still for sale?


yes. info in PM


Hi, can it work as power killer with a magnetic switch (reed sensor like)? It’s for an E-foil, up to 80Amp to cut from battery side if the reed open, do you think te 5mosfet could do?


i guess that using such mosfet switch as a power killer (turn on/off under load) is not a good idea because of huge power spikes. but i can make you a discount “for science” if you still want to buy one of them :slight_smile:


Hey @eLDoska,
your switch arrived the other day, thanks mate!

let’s see if I can break it :rage: :rofl:

going to build it in to my eMTB with some new speed controllers and a drop in voltage from 14s to 12s…
a bit less crazy and more just fun, got another road going eSk8 i’m building for the crazy :smiling_imp: might need two switches for that one? do you do a bulk discount :wink:

I’ll let you know how I go, still waiting on other parts for the eMTB :slight_smile:


@eLDoska I’m interested in a 100A switch for a eFoil setup, similar to MaB. I tried to PM but couldn’t find the option, maybe because I’m new and just signed up.

Do you still have available?


sure. info in pm


How many amps can this handle? and what is price of PCB with soldered smd with shipping to denmark


info in PM


Does this Anti-Spark have some sort of protection build in like in AntiSparkHeaven switch ?
I am interested in the 5 moseft one. My bms is rated 60a but I have killed my previous switch completely.


this switch is based on original Vedder-Fechter scheme - it has only short circuit / overcurrent protection.


Sorry, but I can’t see any protection on this switch at all :wink:

EDIT: Apart Fuse


that is great that you noiticed such an unnoticeable thing as a fuse :slight_smile:
yes it is responsible for short circuit / overcurrent protection.


It will not protect from short circuit or overcurrent :wink: Short impulse of low current ~10A which would fry all IC and your fuse is still intact :wink: Plus protection, means it will turn off the switch and then the short is removed it will turn on again.


i guess we have different understanding what and from what should be protected.
fuse on plus protects at first the battery. it protects the battery from short circuit / overcurrent.
maybe my explanation is not obviously - sorry i try my best :slight_smile:


Hello, I would like to order a 5 moset with 12V LED BLUE on/off switch.


info in PM


hem… I’m new here, how do I send a private message? ahhaha