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Vedder Anti-Spark switches for sale (from 18€)



Hi there, can I purchase one of the 3 mosfet antisparks with the LED switch please? shipped to UK for 40 euro?

Can you PM details please?


i sent information to the PM


Are you still selling these




if I am using a 10s system what number of mosfets should I use


Can I have one as well please ?


number of mosfets depends on current(not on voltage).
roughly - 2 mosfets for 1 motor board, 3 mosfets for 2 motor board.[quote=“Jofjof, post:46, topic:31847, full:true”]
Can I have one as well please ?
sure, info in PM


alright thanks, im gonna get my board working with batteries and once I do I will get one


new anti spark - 5 mosfets, 100A continuous, reinforced with 2x6mm2 copper wire, 12v led button :slight_smile:

  • PCB with soldered SMD components and with 12V LED BLUE on/off switch + heat shrink tube - 46€ / 55$ + shipping

  • PCB with soldered SMD components and with standart on/off switch + heat shrink tube - 39,5€ / 47$ + shipping

  • other option / bulk price - PM me

shipping to EU/USA ~ 5€

PCB dimension - 87x44mm

3 mofet 60A switch with LED Button:

Anti- Spark Switch

i want this anti spark but i want to know what is 2 mosfets or 3 mosfets



Are you still taking orders for on/off switches? I would like one, could you PM me to discuss details? I had a couple questions.


sure, info in PM.


Hey eLDoska, I’d like a 3-mosfet PCB with 2 unsoldered 60A fuses, could you PM me? Thanks.


hi. info in PM


Are there any drawbacks to using the 5 mosfet package over the 3 if i wont even come close to maxing out the 3?

Considering the 5 mosfet package if I ever feel like repurposing it in the future


the difference between 3 and 5 mosfet is:
5 mosfet - 100Acont., reinforced with 2x6mm2 copper, pcb dimension - 87x44mm
3 mosfet - 60Acont., pcb dimension 58.5x37mm
other characteristics are identical.


Still selling?




Awesome awesome, might be interested in one soon.