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[USA] FOCBOX Unity GroupBuy - Gauging Interest


No longer gauging interest

Official Unity group buy here:


Well at launch there will be just the stock firmware which will be kept up to date, we will have the FOCBOX UI App which will work on PC/MAC/Android but unfortunatley not iphone due to licensing issues. This will offer quick easy setup but still have some depth. If you need access to deeper settings there will be a vesc-tool like alternative with everything available.

I’m planning on spending an hour or two each day after we ship for the first month supporting people and debugging any issues that come up with the tools. Just hop on the forum if issues arise and we will get them sorted.


I’m I correct in assuming the BT module within the unity will connect to existing iOS apps like @twan? I know it won’t connect to metr.


So what your saying is the app wont be avalible to iOS ever? It is somewhat common knowledge for the particular motors I am using to not have the motor sensors be detecting in bldc on the bldc tool. Hell I made a thread about it and @Deckoz immediately knew why and I have since carried that info to others using those motors.

I think there needs to be more prototyped units in the hands of users and not just majority of resellers hands. Doing this will get you the real world info that you can take and figure out before they are released if issues arrise it will delay the November timeframe which I know it will piss people off because it would piss me off but I would understand if it was a quality issue or another bug that someone has found. Then people will know it is a true quality item that they are getting with fewer bugs and enertion can save face after the major delays in the past or the clear film over the thermal pad that we have seen earlier this year.


Chances are we will be re-spinning the app from scratch to get an iOS version. It is too important to have support for that. But we won’t have it ready by launch at this rate. We will make sure the BT dongle supports some of the iOS apps so iphone users aren’t left out to dry.

Like I said, we will fix issues as they are found. Would be awesome if we had the resources to send 100 beta units out and get everyone’s feedback but it just isn’t feasible with the size of the market. Currently we have about 15 units being tested so hopefully we clean up a lot of the issues from that testing.


Hi Jeff!
About this unity… What happens if the master dies during a ride? Does the slave shut down as well, just like the focbox single would do using can-bus?
Is out possible to run these as two separate units controlled by two receivers (one remote :smirk:) for better reliability/safety?


Well if you are only doing two wheel drive there is no master and slave! Both motors are being controlled by a single processor that’s part of what makes the unity so simple and easy to use. That said if one motor faults out for some reason the second motor will continue functioning so long as the MCU failing isn’t the cause of the fault, or the fault isn’t global like battery under-voltage etc.


So if the MCU fails then both motors stop and the whole thing is out of commission…?


Yes, the motor controller working requires a working microcontroller :slightly_smiling_face:


What could cause that to fail?


Poorly written firmware would be the most likely culprit. Previously hall inputs could blow up the mcu if they shorted to phase leads but we fixed that. Greater than 5v signal into any of the external communication interfaces… lots of things. That’s why thorough testing and good design is so important.


So those things are pretty much not possible for us to accidently mess up that way, with the new easy setup that you’ve implemented in this design then? A previous VESC could get fried for improper settings very easily from my understanding, so this has all necessary safeguards in place to prevent that kinda mistake?

Damn, I’m really wishing this sale lasted longer. I won’t have the money until like a week from now… FML…

Only thing I would have also liked to see in this design is a heatsink in the bottom with fins so it could be mounted with the bottom exposed for better cooling… Other than that this sounds better and better…


That is the goal, eliminate as much user error as possible to keep your guys purchase safe! It’s a win for all parties involved.

Honestly in all my testing I haven’t managed to get it very warm at all, but agree that more heat-sinking is always nice (plus it looks freaking cool). Probably there is some crazier setups than what I have that you guys will throw a unity in and really put it through its paces. Excited for that.


Is this dead? I missed the other group buy from Jlabs.


It’s the same GroupBuy. This was the first stage seeing who was interest. Then the second part was the post from jlab collection money.


i got extras so keep an eye out when enertion starts shipping, i’ll post something here.


Bummer. I never saw the other one nor saw a username tag for myself after filling the Google Doc out. I figure it’s too late to pay for one at this point?


you added your name to the sheet after i did the first and only call out.

no worries though, i got you. like i said, i got way more than i need so i’ll hook you up at GB prices. no need to pay now, i’ll be sure to get a hold of you when they get here.

also, i bet @JLabs got extras too.



awesome thanks a ton man! I will reach out to you when product starts moving.


What’s the status of this group buy? If I intended to join it now, what will be the price?