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[USA] FOCBOX Unity GroupBuy - Gauging Interest


Would it be possible for you to ship one Unity to Japan? Really want to get in to this groupbuy!
The price on enertion´s site went up to 249$ by now.



Next day shipping to the same city for a focbox should cost $2 in China

Even if I pick it up from your warehouse you would make a random excuse


Sounds great. thanks for the advice.


So the unity is $287 in AUD? Judging but the exchange rate fluctuations from yesterday the price actually should have gone down as since beginning of June the AUD has dropped in the exchange rate from .77 to .72 so basically your $10 price increase of the Unity has now become an almost $14 increase in AUD. Same thing with the regular Focbox has had a steady increase in price when this exchange rate drop has occurred.

Don’t get me wrong the unity is an amazing looking piece but come the is already a company that is putting out nearly the same thing just with the enertion brand tied to it for $150. You said it would be competitively priced. For 21+ units it is and here we have a list that shows almost 50 units at one time plus whatever everyone else has already preordered. 50 units to a few people is a shit load and your saying you can’t drop the price even slightly or throw in the shipping come one man that is clearly a sign of not giving a shit about the customers. When are we supposed to expect these unities to be delivered. Because pretty much everyone in this group buy was around for the Black Friday debacle that enertion put people through last year.


Cool mate, thanks for the feedback.


The flagging (or threat of flagging) of comments that don’t violate any forum guidelines is getting rediculous… The argument that this is such a better deal then the VESC 6, well that’s true… but that’s only if you buy the ‘official Trampa’ one. There’s what, 3 other versions of it, and the most expensive of those is like $170ish, or so? I’m still trying to make sense of the many comments that said the cost of the Unity would be very competitive to buying two FOCBOX’s. So I think to the average person that means at most it won’t cost twice the amount of a single FOCBOX. Yes it comes with a anti-spark and Bluetooth unit and some other stuff, that sounds great, but a retail price of $399 is far far from competitive, I think most would agree.


One of my issues is that they are comparing it to the vesc 6 which it is not it is a between 4.12 and 6. and they want a Vesc 6 price. So now what firmware would you load to it from the @Ackmaniac vesc tool because my sensor detection didnt work in bldc with the vesc tool or the enertions bldc tool. I had to update the firmware and to acks and set it in foc for my sensors to be detected and that is not something that I want to have to give up. In the description for the unity it says control interface canbus are you going to need a can bus for this since it is built for dual motors.

An why is there no comment, acknowledgment, or explanation of my statement about the AUD to USD conversion because that is backed up but facts directly from the exchange rates charts.


Regarding the Vesc 6 vs. Vesc 4 thing, I haven’t seen a test that could demonstrate one real world performance difference that demonstrated how two vesc 6’s is superior to the Unity. Both can push about 80 amps so power isn’t one. I know it uses 3 phase shunt amplifiers vs 2 lowside, but realistically the benefits of this aren’t tangible to the eskate rider. Meanwhile let me list some of the ways the Unity is tangibly better and more reliable than two vesc 6s (in no particular order) :

-Protection circuitry on hall sensor input
-Size, more compact with same power
-Easy and quick custom designed setup app
-Integrated bluetooth
-Integrated smart switch offering uvlo for using smaller cheap charge only bms

We are currently asking a price which is even lower than buying 2 of the chinese ripoff vescs! And they didnt have to shoulder any r&d cost/effort. We’ve spent an enormous amount of time developing firmware and testing and adding features to this thing to make sure its rock solid. It’s going to blow vesc 6 chinese ripoffs out of the water.



I appreciate your comments and have viewed the videos released on the development and alpha and beta testing. The design is very eligent. I have been in the PCB industry in the past and doing a single sided design has so many advantages. Have you put the design through any halt testing or continuous thermal cycling over extended period? Will you be providing videos from the trip to the supply base in China? I would love to see the PCB laminate as well as assembly shop. I also understand your tool will be very easy for programming however will it have the fine tuning capabilities of the Ack. Tool?

Keep up the great work,



I won’t be able to make it on the upcoming china trip unfortunatley, but I know Roan is going so expect some fun content coming out from that trip. @Blasto and/or I might make it out there when production starts ramping up to demo the test jig etc. If so expect some less professional looking but more engineering nerd-out vids from us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Haven’t gotten to that testing yet unfortunatley, been total craziness pumping out revisions left and right (think we are on revision #12 of the prototype)

Going to try and support as much of the fine tuning tools that effect real world performance as possible and drop a lot of clutter to maintain simplicity.

That said, we will also offer a download to a full pc tool which is just modified vesc-tool for dual motor driver for those that still want access to all the low level dangerous settings :slight_smile:


After crunching the numbers it’s looking like $225 a piece shipped in the USA. That is not making any money (the transaction fee is almost $7 per pc)

Will be posting later today with payment info (by credit card only)


So for multiple pieces 5 will the price / transaction fee be adjusted?


That’s if your are comparing the pre-sale group buy price to their retail price. If you were to do a price comparison with the same promotions, you can get two of the VESC 6 knock offs for like $200, shipped. I mean if someone was to say they can buy four of the VESC 6 clone for the same price as one Unity, I think it would be immediately pointed out how the circumstances are different in that instance. Regardless, the Unity seems like a great product :slight_smile:


The transaction fee is 3% no matter what


I think we are firm on the price. Honestly if we did “free shipping” than the price would just have to be $285 or something. Generally I’m not a great business person though so I defer to others.



Understand and it is a more than fair offer.



Fair point on pre-sale vs. Retail. Hopefully we have good sales and because of that we can keep the price down. I think just like with the focbox there will be sales from time to time when you can get it lower than retail price, and there will also be local reseller’s you can use.


This is why ive tried hard to stay away from groupbuys on ESCs. I would like to see these companies test their items on an uncut video showing the current and voltage passing thru see if the ESC can really hold up. Now It may be hypocritical but I ordered some chinese vesc6 looking forward to testing them. Still it seems this unity doesnt quite bring it to the table for me. Hopefully someone can test on video that would help justify buying this for anyone who is interested. Also if we all just get into UNITY we can NOT buy anything and the companies get nothing sure we dont get anything either but we dont loose money too. My 2 cents on the bill


Here’s a vid of me pushing about 2 kW through the unity up a massive hill:

I guess the possibility of deception is there, but honestly I’m here to make badass motor controllers not sell you lies. Anyone in san diego thats been to blacks beach can attest that this hill is a monster if a bit short. But you can see I finish with plenty of thermal bandwidth left (start at 40 celcius end at 50 celcius, unit maxes out around 100 celcius)


@Deodand can you explain what firmwares there will be and what Vesc tools it will be compatible with because I run a Mac format of ackmaniac’s tooland when I did the firmware update it froze my computer with over 8gb of ram and ssd and I had to restart the tool. Also I have racerstar sensored motors that would fail the hall sensor test in the bldc took from enertion it wasn’t until I put a Acks firmware in foc and was able to do to get successful hall sensors detected. So that is my concern is because I would be pissed if I spent the money on the unity and wasn’t able to run my motors as sensored as they are currently configured