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[USA] FOCBOX Unity GroupBuy - Gauging Interest


Enertion’s just listed the FOCBOX Unity:

Bulks discount price is $200 per unit, I thought maybe we can collect names to see how large of a USA order we can put together.

Not taking any payments yet, just getting a head count.

It’s not determined who’s actually doing the group buy. I will hand this data over to whoever handles it.

Fill in your info here:


And check responses here:


I’m having trouble filling out form, but would like to be on the list.
Name: Glenn Siekawitch
Quantity: 1


Never mind it work this time


I kinda want these but I have 8 Focboxes already I need to focus on my projects and not the new shiny stuff lmao. Good deal though.


I totally feel you on this sentiment. I have 4 focboxes left. Of my 9 from last black friday.


You poor things…:roll_eyes:


Yeah I want in on this. My phones being an a$$ atm. Ill fill that stuff out when I steal the wifes tablet.
*worked this time. Put in for 1. Depending how long it takes might go for 2.


Been waiting for this monster esc and price is sweet at the group and non group buy cost.
I have the perfect board to put this in.

Almost feels like all these 6.0 iteration aren’t worth the price considering what the Unity brings for ease of configuring boards and all the included hardware added onto the PCB and software tool.

If you need 120a plus ,sure grab a 6.0 iteration of vesc but all other fingers point to unity imo.
Honestly Bravo to Enertion if this esc is as good as it sounds.



No Canada love?


it’s usually been US buys then ship to CAN from the US, granted with slightly higher shipping cost ($10 or so compared to $4 US).


For the love of god I hope somebody does a group buy on this for EU


Damn I want one but I just order a normal Focbox and now broke AF :sob:


There is already one that was created before this one was …


Can’t help myself, addicted to escs. Really starting to have a nice collection lol. I feel like it would be wiser to wait for rev 2 though.


why not get rid of your foccers?


They’re so pretty in a little pile… :slight_smile:

EDIT focbox 13s is one of the very interesting platforms.



The funny thing is my daily ride is dual hobbyking vesc.


What is Rev 2?


The inevitable improved 2nd revision