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[USA] FOCBOX Unity GroupBuy - Gauging Interest


China Post could be used and it would make no difference because no one knows when they are supposed to be shipped anyway so another 30 days waiting for it to arrive once posted in exchange for saving 30$ per unit seems much better


I suggest for you guys ask for 4PX its super cheap will arrive with Fedex/UPS from local exchange center :smiley:


Yeah I think it is major bullshit to charge for shipping on them I understand it is a lot of weight but normally it is 300+ for free shipping. And it is only express if it is equivalent to primes 2 day shipping. And judging by the Black Friday money clip debacle causing extended delays and some people still didn’t get them I think they should save face and dish out the free shipping on bulk deals


So I am down for two…what is the status and timing of moving from gauging interest to official group buy?


@thisguyhere and I are working out the details as we speak


Cool thanks for getting this organized…


The price changed from $199 to $209…

Edit: saw someone posted that further up


Due to large interest is Enertion going to deal on shipping in bulk to US? I think there are over fifty already identified on the E-doc.


Is there a reason enertion changed the price?


probably saw us drooling over them and thought a 5% increase wouldn’t matter…


Fuck that it’s bullshit to change the price thatwas in writing from enertion that plus the crazy shipping they are charging on 21 units. That is the one thing I hate about them is that there are changes in prices to the go box and they say no the price hasn’t changed at all. My company just had 3 analytical systems shipped from Australia to New Jersey and it was like $250 for shipping freight and all together they weighed around 300lbs. So they are making some serious money even on shipping.


How many do we need to get to on the group buy to have negotiation power on cost and shipping…I am willing to up qty if we could identify the threshold.


:wink: I’m working on it…

Also I have a beta unit, and @Deodand did an amazing job with the UI for programming the Unity. I actually enjoyed programming it because it was so easy. He’s also super responsive and willing to make any little changes. I have no doubt the Unity will be a smashing success.


Would this come with warranty as well ?


I mean technically we have some power. As I see it this 4 day sale is to finance future orders for the Raptors 2.1’s upgrades. I give it a 30-40% chance they’re betting on group buys to get a good chunk of money for it. Even more so if the people who decided to delay their Raptor 2 for the Unity did so without having to really pay anything. Mind you this is all complete speculation , but I’m interested to see if shipping is suddenly free if both Group buys don’t pan out and the amount of preorder sales is far below target.


So is @JLabs negotiating for us? or maybe @thisguyhere or both?


I would also be interested


Shipping is never “Free”, in 4 days the price of Unity goes up 20% - 30% & you will still need to pay for shipping.

There is no cheaper time to buy the Focbox Unity, the price will never be this low ever again, even with “free shipping” you will be paying more.

Shipping is never FREE, its either built into the price or paid for separately


@onloop do you have established price brakes for larger qty on the group buy? If we get over 100 units?


I’m out if we only have 4 days at this price.