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[USA] FOCBOX Unity GroupBuy - Gauging Interest


I was just chatting with him and he said it’s the best he can do, which is completely reasonable.


This price is already crazy low, I can 100% guarantee it’s only going up!

Please stop & think about the price of a VESC 6 from trampa, it’s over $300USD for a single unit.


I don’t feel like arguing or having a debate that’s going to lead no where. Too late on the East Coast for this. We doing this or what?


Ok so what are the parameters of the deal? End cost to each buyer? Timing for delivery? Is a warranty applied?

When can we expect the group buy formalized?


I, for one, am ready to do this shit.

let’s go!


@thisguyhere you really in for 20? I may just have to take it to 21…lol


Its almost midnight on the East coast. Tomorrow I will open up the group buy to orders and everything will be processed on my website. I will need to calculate everything out (like transaction and shipping fees per pc)

Just as an FYI… it will be credit card only like the TSG group buy. If I do PayPal they will hold the money for 6 months because they don’t want businesses to grow (rapidly)


There’s already 47 people signed up (never done a group buy so I’m not sure what percentage of people will follow through). We’re out of the 10-20+ and starting to get into the 50+ units range. I feel like come tomorrow there will be plenty of people signed up giving y’all a lot more negotiating power for a buy this large. Maybe we can see a lower price come tomorrow :smiley:


If @thisguyhere does 20 I will put in for 21


@onloop can you explain the reasoning behind the price increase already because yesterday the price was $199.00 and not it is $209 why the $10 price change in a? Did you get a lot more preordered than you though so figured might as well mark it up? Plus the shipping was free during the Black Friday sale of $300 or more when the Focbox was marked to $100 each. I understand it is express but how many days is express considered to me it is close to Amazon Prime shipping.

Also you can not say that the shipping of 21 units weight more then 50lbs. I know that in UPS and FedEx there is a published price for shipping and negotiated price of shipping. As a person who ships stuff daily and having arranged freight shipping from Australia to East Coast of the USA for a freight that weighted around 300 lbs and it was around $250 so that there says that there says enertion is even making a good chunk of cash on shipping alone.


I am always changing prices of products on our website mostly it depends on foreign currency exchange rates, or sometimes our suppliers increase prices, there are many reasons actually, In this case I simply keyed in some approximate AUD prices into our backend (all our prices are default AUD) then when i finally had a chance to check the currency conversion i realised the exchange rate had changed & therefore needed to make an adjustment.

Is there anything else you want to know about our financial & pricing structures?

ALSO; in 4 days the price is changing again, it’s going up again, there will be no bulk pricing.


i horde esk8 shit.

i’m in for 20.



They’ll look so pretty all stacked up lol



I am all in let’s get the party started!!!


I swear every time I buy something another limited-time group by pops up right after I spend my savings…



Your warehouses are in mainland China I assume. So when I want something delivered to China why does it cost $40 to ship to the same country?


I gather you are being serious? The answer is simple, it costs money to ship things.

1x Focbox unity shipped from China to China is $36USD

1x Random China ESC shipped from China to China is $33.11



Yes I am being serious… And your using AliExpress pricing structure to your advantage in this argument…

Why would you use FedEx for a China shipment.

And no shit it costs money to ship things… No need to be patronising


Using fastest shipping methods is normally always better, whether its fedex or DHL or some other express option, faster always cost more.