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[USA & EU][GROUPBUY] Maytech motors (CLOSED)



Ok. Thanks man


Thanks Cory, Im already in I guess ^^


PM me your info email address and name so i can verify,
i don’t have everyone down by their user tag


once I have specs on the brake and remote I will have it up for everyone to see.
Our goal is to get the new products in the hands of the esk8 community. The best product testing is done by the DIYers.
With that said,
We are the testers and must be safe doing this. We have always promoted safety. WEAR YOUR GEAR AT ALL TIMES because it will save your life. Be responsible with the family and friends who don’t ride like us.
We wish everyone a happy holiday and a safe time with friends and family.
Thank you guys for participating in the group buy.


I’m going to be working all the additional stuff we can add to the final shipment of 6880 motors from Maytech at the first of the year.
They have 3 new items of great interest.
R2 style remote
Dynamic brake module

Flipsky has 3 new products
Nano clone remote
Nano remote with lcd screen ( telemetry)
High amp switch with push to start

I will try and put together some sample buys to get these products out in the community’s hands for real testing.


I have a bad experience with the push to start switch form flipsky


do tell, was it with the latching push button?


So that’s a 6810 bearing? Any idea about the shaft bearings? Probably the 6900’s based on a glance?


I would think they would be the same as the 6374 motors.
The rim bearing is the new addition going to a bigger size can allows them to wind it at 190kv.
That’s the big issue with sealed motors ( heat )
Size matters here boys.


Mmmmm maytechs


Any news on the expected EU delivery times @hyperIon1? :slight_smile:


yes, we are just trying to get the extras finalized for the shipment leaves to save on some shipping cost and get some of the new products over for testing.
We will wrap up everything additional on the 15th with shipping to fallow that…


Ok thanks @hyperIon1 , so to be clear the 6374 motors are still at maytech? (I ordered 2x 6374 190kv and 2 6880)


No, your unsealed are clearing customs now in Brussels, the 6880 are still to ship.
You should get an email in the next few days to arrange shipping from Brussels to you


Thanks @hyperIon1 for the update, that’s great news :slight_smile:


Did you start a batch order for the 6.6 esc if so I would like to order 4


they arrived :slight_smile:
thanks @hyperIon1


Received the motors.
Thanks @hyperIon1 @pjotr47 :metal:


Let’s see it already!!


They are the same as @Quiles

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: