Universal Advanced VESC Remote Control (Photon) - Custom design



@Wajdi any update on sending me the remote man?


Hi @Wajdi

Any thoughts as to when you may have more in stock? Thank you. WiIl you be offering a kit deal, remote, Receiver and display. Cheers. LOVE THE DISPLAY.


Took me a few hours to set this up but I now have bluetooth via my slave, photon receiver on the master with according baudrates, canbus forward, motor directions, multiple esc’s settings in the Nunchuck tab (REALLY WTF???) And all kinds of other settings that I changed and changed back that I don’t understand shit from. I don’t know where I would be without this community and forum.

I had to throw out 3 laptops, eat up 6 fingers and punch 6 holes in every wall that’s surrounding me. But it’s all working now. I can now ride backwards with my Photon remote while I’m checking my speed on my Apple watch while changing my power settings on my phone. I’m so happy that I’m blowing a rape whistle right now.


I might need to pay you a visit in the future then :stuck_out_tongue:


You bought the Photon remote and have 2 vesc’s?


2 maytechs


Hi What’s the latest on the delivery times. I want this remote but don’t wanna wait to long as i don’t have a replacement and need a remote for my build.


@Chupacabra here’s my order… I hate to do it, but come Monday I’ll most likely be doing a charge back a month and a half is a crazy long wait time for processing. Sadly I missed out on the hoyt discount because I was torn between this remote and hoyt and now I wish I’d have gone with hoyt


I’m sure if you just ask for your money back, he’ll refund you. He’s hella nice and logical.


I sent him an email a week ago w/ no reply (as of an hr ago when i checked) and the last message I received was 22 day ago on here that is why I’m resorting to a charge back… it’s never my 1st go to and i like to think I’m fairly reasonable when it comes to waiting for a product


I hope he is well. I’m waiting for a photon too (for over one month without notice). He was helpful and communicative before so I hope everything is alright for him :slight_smile:


Great innovator, not so much the business man


Placed order on Oktober 14th. I asked him where my order was by personal message on this forum on November 29th and he hasn’t answered since.

Received it on November 30th though.

He seems to be MIA…


My receiver broke due to bad soldering and he said that the would replace it for me, that was in September.

Every time I contact him he constantly says ‘it will be posted in the next couple of days.’

Then I said that its becoming a bit ridiculous, he said he would send it the next day. I asked him for a tracking number two days later and he supplied one, the problem is it still says that USPS has not actualy received the package yet. The shipping label was created on 22 Nov.

Great remote, really bad warranty. I essentially have a really expensive paper weight at the moment.:triumph:


I thought this remote was cool but accountability is everything to me. Just my 2 cents.


@JasperM hey mate have you got your sorted? I also have a warranty issue on my remote purchased last March’18 and since then I haven’t actually used it. I got a defective one :triumph: He keep saying it will be replaced I lost count how many times I gave him my order number but still waiting until now and he doesn’t respond at all. @Wajdi whatever you doing now mate, I don’t know how you able to sleep giving that you left some people waiting who payed you our hard earned money for a product that supposedly a satisfying not a nightmare!


After reading all this I opened a dispute on PayPal. I’m a bit sad since I wanted that remote badly but 184 dollars is too much for not getting any response but instead reading about these issues :frowning:


No I still don’t have a receiver, just a tracking number for a non existent package.

Its really anoying because the hand full of times that I did get to use the photon, it was great.

I also gave hime my address and order number multiple times.


I have received and installed the receiver but started getting cut-outs.

I made sure I updated the firmware on the remote and receiver.

It works and does everything I want it to do. Except that it’s loses connection every few seconds. I can see the connection being lost because the signal lights on both my focboxes turn off (with throttle pinned) everytime the connection is lost. When it loses connection the board shortly does not respond to throttle or braking.

I tried doing the pairing process a few times, reflashing firmware a few times, trying out all signal strenght combinations on the remote and receiver (on high and max settings on the remote the remote doesn’t even connect) and nothing gives me a solid connection.

I emailed @Wadjia and hope he will be here to help me (us) out.


Sorry guys I was away from the forums for a while, I was extremely busy. I always answer emails at tho if Im not on the forums. Let the reply marathon begins :smiley:

@Holyman92 I sent your package yesterday, I hope you received your tracking number/
@JasperM @Giba really sorry guys, I didn’t forget about you. Will be sending out your replacements this week, I was very short on components lately.

@visnu777 Sorry to see you go, I saw your Paypal claim and refunded you right away. Should of just emailed me :smile:

@jadatmag I just published an update, Remote V0.54 and receiver V0.4.

-Photon Receiver: V0.4

  • Remote has to be updated to V0.53 for this to work.
    *Fixes and improves connectivity

-Photon Remote: V0.53

  • Fixes several software issues.
  • Improves connectivity
  • Receiver has to be V0.4

Download here

Just FYI guys, Photon remote is now out of stock and unavailable for purchase, I don’t know when I will bring it back, but I will figure something out.