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Universal Advanced VESC Remote Control (Photon) - Custom design



I’ve checked all the boxes…all of them. :yum:


What’s the shipping time if I ordered today ?


Sorry guys for the delays,
I have printed the shipping labels, and will be dropping off the packages during the next 2-3 days. Antennas were delayed.
@PickSix24 I would say current tentative shipping time is about a week.


@Wajdi would i happen to be ont he orders going out? #416


4days fast since your last update any good news to deliver @Wajdi


@Wajdi is there any update on shipping?


Mines on the way YAY!


…no use for a name, but I would call it “ALPHA ONE” :sunglasses:
because its the beginning of a new remote century.
Edit: just one question that i could not figure out in this threat: Is the button on top a dead mans switch? (HOPEFULLY NOT! AHHHHHHHHH!)


It can be a reverse, cruise control or deadman. Pretty neat to have different choices for the button


WOW sounds good,very impressive.:thinking:
speechless at this point:no_mouth: