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Trampa Day Walker | NoWind Direct Drive | 12S6P 30Q


@Nowind :slight_smile:



OMG this is just absolutely glorious :heart_eyes: Jens has made loads of improvements by the looks of things compared to the earlier version I have! Plus the blue finish just looks siiiiiiiick! :yum:


I’ve wondered about @Nowind’s use of Sugru as the interface between the machines hanger and the drive. Normally there are grub screws taking up any differences there and with machining is there a noticible gap/play?

I guess what I’m asking is does the sugru make it a cush drive?

Into the silence!™


So, he machines two faces. You put the plate against the milled faces, and use grub screws on the two non milled faces. This way it is pulled against something square. And also centers the drive properly for the wheel gear interface hole…

It should hold on it’s own with grub screws. The sugru is to fill the gap to prevent dust from entering and contaminating the lubrication. As the enclosure is designed to be lubricated via the lube hole screw. and sealed via the o-ring at the wheel interface.



That makes sense



What size motors are those they look massive.


Are those there from backorder? Cause our UPS shipping was canceled like 3 times…


6384 I guess


Yep 6384

@Kug3lis I ordered March 22nd. Two 170kv, two 130kv. :slight_smile:


Oh ok… So then still was in stock…


It said back order when I ordered them. I emailed Bruno to ask if it would ship incentive it was in Stock


Alright everybody,

I forgot to post these here, but the Mini 4:1 Drives from Jenso fully assembled.

As well, figured I’d share these early on. Add to your watch lists, as they cycle in and out of stock from this seller.

Micro Charge-Only 12S BMS

12S 6A charger

I’m waiting just a bit longer to order from Trampa, as I want to order multple sets of superstars so I have a set for the Icarus. More updates soon.


Do you know that BMS well ? The diagram on the eBay page, shows charge/discharge… From the same plus and minus… But it can be used only for charge right ? And for discharge it’s better to use minus directly from the battery, rather than from the charge/discharge pad on the bms ?


Some BMS like this one and the one I sent to @Sender for 6s are charge/discharge via the same FETs and intended for low amp applications. The balance functions are the same as the larger counter parts… just the protections are for a much lower amperage, since we are only using it for charging. and most chargers are 1.5-6A, a 15A in/out BMS is fine, as we bypass and go direct to the battery terminals for discharge. Being a lower amperage also reduces the needed footprint vs a higher amperage discharge protection circuit, allowing the bms to be smaller.

Tldr, it’s not that uncommon to see low amperage BMS with charge/discharge on the same port sharing the same protection circuit.


Thats what i thought thanks…
And this bms is ballancing charge pretty spot on ? I use the bestech bms on my Trampa Urban Carver now , and the ballancing is always spot on, but i could use some more space, so this bms from eBay is interesting


I never have issue with any of the bms I’ve posted. Balancing has always been spot on, with the exception of a battery that was broken, which once spot welds were fixed, rebalanced cells perfect.

I typically don’t post links to electronics unless I’ve used them, Because wasting money sucks. :wink:


Hey man!
Amazing build, congrats!

How are the helical gears working?


Looking good dude lookin good,
I mean that blue is phenomenal its your type of blue!

Hope you get the same good feeling you got when you first got on your street board,
Or second whichever is better :smiley: