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Trampa Day Walker | NoWind Direct Drive | 12S6P 30Q


My 6384s from APS are showing signs or fatigue already.


Not sure yet, I’ve hooked them up to the focboxes and run detections. According to my phone app belt detection on my Evo is louder (dB wise) than the Helical gearbox.

Finally got an order in to @trampa

With a set of Gummies for the

So this should be rocking pretty soon as everything was in stock. :slight_smile: Just waiting on shipping confirmation.


BTW boys if you want the foot strap holes predrilled don’t forget to message @trampa in your order :wink:


Depending on the board, we have an attribute for binding drillage. Simply select it and we will ad binding holes.


i thought they all came pre drilled. i asked for my hs11 to not be drilled for bindings and… they came drilled for bindings :expressionless:


Not only that, then you order black springs and u get red ones :smiley:


Christmas time. @trampa your packaging = perfection.


I’ll forward that to Sam, who has sorted your order.
Post an image when you finished your board.



Cool! Yeah let Sam know. I’ve never seen an international package that heavy show up in still great condition.

And it won’t be to long haha…


Sorry one more… them colors… had to turn the lights on. Because the blue and white… amazing


I love those 6.5" tires they look sick, I can’t imagine how it would look with solid red same as case wheel hubs on evo :stuck_out_tongue:


What a sexy beast, love it!


They all sexy until you go out :frowning: Afterwards it looks like monster :smiley:


HOLY FUCK DUDE! That’s making my eyes hurt it’s so pretty. What a sweet colour scheme. I reckon you could be up for the build of the year award!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


@Deckoz how are the 6.5” holding up?


Does 14 ply feel good? Did you consider going with trampa short deck (lighter)? Also did you find a nice looking top mount case? :slight_smile:


Your need lipos to give that baby life :rocket: I use Loctite 638 to hold the cages in. My drive gets bashed when I lets friends ride offset gahahaha