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Trampa Day Walker | NoWind Direct Drive | 12S6P 30Q


Hey Dan, Mike & Brad have hooked me up :wink:

I owe both a solid…


@DanSkates or @Cobber

Both of you have the hs11/holy pro deck? Can you guys give me an accurate measurement between your binding mounts? My deck isn’t here yet…and I have an idea… lol

Note: related to battery box :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


will do bro, soon as I get home from work (close the bar), just got here now :frowning: be about 8 hours


Im interested to see what you do for your battery box. Im torn between the sleekness of under mount and the performance gains i could get with a bigger pack above.


Velcro on top JensoBro style for the win :checkered_flag:

even get the missus to sew you up a little velcro flap to cover wires…


Keep it simple


Your parts are shipped today
You get an Tracking ID later



Was talking with @Eboosted about making a top mounted flex enclosure like he makes for the bottom… But for the top :slight_smile:


Did you buy the mini drives from Jenso??? I 'm jealous?



I got the mini drives with the Helical upgrade…into the silence. :slight_smile: I’m super stoked!


Thanks @Kug3lis

Looks like I’ll be able to fit the RX if I depinned it and heat shrink… put it right where the Bluetooth module is…but on the other side. Case is fully loaded, comes with all grommets… The USB covers need to be trimmed with scissors or snips. Comes with proper thickness thermal pads. Great little kit. Also got the truck mount, which has nice rubber dampers.


I am a bit in doubt that Bluetooth will work from inside the case… :smiley:


It may be different out riding. But I’ve already plugged it up, and walked upstairs and done a wireless configuration with it… We’ll see though once it’s in the field.


Oh right I think maybe 2.4Ghz is small enough to leave in between the holes because otherwise its faraday cage…


Yea… Minimum for 2.4 to escape is 6.25mm… there are several holes larger then that. And with the anodizing I don’t think the heatsink is grounded on the focbox screw ground pads. So don’t think it’s acting as a grounded cage…


It’s not grounding but metal in general as one big conductor absorbs waves :slight_smile:


Yea, just grounded cages, are even more effective at it. It might not be useable if it was grounded. :slight_smile:


Possible to solder a small trace to the antenna of the Rx and have a short run outside I wonder?

I think I’m gong to follow your lead on this the elegance is irresistable.

Where will you put the Rx?

edit: inside as well? If ths works it will be purdy


Yea. That’s possible too, as long as your load is 50ohms, cut the on board trace… and buy a 50ohm 2.4whip and solder it on. Your SWR should be pretty close provided you didn’t leave the old trace antenna connected…


I’m planning to depinn the RX and solder directly to it so it is flat. Plan on putting it on top the other focbox…like the Bluetooth but the other one that has a empty area…


This will be the way to go, Faraday eagerly awaits his BT signal