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Trampa Day Walker | NoWind Direct Drive | 12S6P 30Q


I know right. I keep thinking I have an extra set of wheels and batteries already, all I need is… 2k later :sweat_smile:

Really looking forward to seeing how this build comes out though. Been a blast watching your guys’ jumping videos :smiley:



I took everyone’s advice, to try to make the build as light as possible.


  • Mini Direct Drive in Blue with Helicals ordered!
  • APS Motors
  • MBS Foot and Heel Straps

Just need to complete with @trampa for and @Kug3lis in the next week’s. Parts should start rolling in soon.


I have some of kugies hubs coming, because why the f#$k not? :crazy_face:
Doing the f5’s too though :money_mouth_face:
I’m going lipos though :neutral_face: light weight punch, and I like to just velcro everything to the mid deck JensoBro style…


I really want to… But I haven’t made myself lean one way or the other…as if I did the weight I saved on the mini vs full DD would be right back in wheels…

Decisions are so hard… lol


& performance wise rotational weight will have a bigger impact on acceleration, but like with motocross, sometimes they add weight to the flywheel to improve traction, I think I am adding weight that will add speed through traction… time will tell :thinking: my scorpions punch :facepunch:

software solutions are great, but sometimes the mechanical answer is hard to beat…
big chunck of glass on the front of a lens…


Yea. I’ve used different weight flywheels on my time attack cars. To get the hookupand engagement feeling right. But not a hot swap switch lol

Either way…I think seeing if the superstars put up with my tiny self…is worth it… as going with the mini, staying on superstars (for now), and using a holy pro… Is probably about 4lbs(~2kg) saved…


Oh man that sounds awesome. Don’t laugh but I hacked together a quick 3 wheel eMTB from a tossed out scooter I found and have been having a blast kicking it around. It’s a stupid brushed motor so no fancy vesc or wireless throttle for me just yet but it’s definitely got me interested in a 4 wheeled brushless beast.


Just adding a small update here.

  • Finned Focbox Case and MTB mount has been ordered from @Kug3lis

And for the first time ever… I’ve realized basically all the parts for this build except the focboxes, and foot straps, have come from Europe. So holla at my European brothers for making awesome stuff and making this build possible.


Nothing but love for you guys.


Also… the first piece of mountain magic has arrived.


I’ve got some of these on my shopping list as well, all sold out in Au but :confused: might take me a while…


How much is the shipping directly from MBS to AU @Cobber?

Also no deck yet but they feel squishy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’ve gor a set that came on a comp 95 that I’ve never ridden, using the trucks now on a sound 29 build so I don’t have a use for them if someone is interested.


Is it the F5’s? If so @Cobber ^^ :sunglasses:


I’ll check and see give me about an hour and I’ll.post a pic.
@Cobber your in AU right? Shipping will be expensive.


yeah, you could maybe post them to a m:blush:ate though @mmaner :wink:

either way sometimes you just gota pony up :unicorn:

so i’m keen if they are the f5’s :


That’s cool. Whatever’s easiest for you. I’ll get you a pic when I’m done eating dinner…steak, yummmmm.


no hurry dude, i’m on island time :beach_umbrella:


Is that what your looking for?


Those are indeed F5’s. I’m open a PM…


Hey @Cobber - you’re welcome!

I bought mine from here - super fast delivery :wink: