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Trampa Day Walker | NoWind Direct Drive | 12S6P 30Q


You and the board ok?


Yea, board went zooming forward because the remote lost connection and it full throttled up the ramp to the side walk and into a tree and fell on it’s back… just finished talking to the cops, they gave the guy a ticket and asked me about my board and why I wasn’t on a sidewalk… lol I told them, because until the city changes it’s ordinances on sidewalks being pedestrian only I can’t ride on sidewalks with my boards or my bike… knees are scrapped but thank God I had my helmet


Hi, any questions regarding flex can be answered if you shoot us a mail.
frank at trampaboards.com

If you need your existing board to be stiffer:



What was your total cost for all of this?


Estimated by vendor as I’m sure more will come.

Trampa ~ $750
Nowind ~ $750-1100
Kug3lis ~ $150
Enertion ~ $300
Alien Power Systems ~ $300
NKON ~ $270
Charger and BMS ~ $110
Torqueboards ~ $30
MBS ~ $150
Building supplies ~ $80

Just a guestimate so far…as some is yet to be purchased, and some I’ve had for some time already.


I read that you are a lightwheight rider and looking for a light Board…
at this point i wanna throw in the Mini Direct Drive again
its alot lighter then the regualar Direct Drive :

Regular Direct Drive : 1415Gramms

Mini Direct Drive : 981Gramms

Thats nearly a POUND

You also get significant more ground clearence …

Encoders are really the next level shit… many possibilties to mount them (-;



Maybe I switch to 4:1 then, I will pm you.


I’m a proud owner of the mini drive from Jens and I love it. I weight in at 70kg.


Yea, really, I don’t think there’s any strength difference for the mini vs full… think I was just trying to keep the top speed down with reduction, and 8" tires…

But everyone does have good points about the weight…the deck, the drive…it will all add up…


I’m also running 8" tyres. Top speed isn’t a priority for me. Falling down hurts too much.


Yes, working on similar design to 1:3 mini drive train but with variable gear ratio for 107mm flywheels :wink:


Yea… I fell a couple days ago and did a few rolls because I hit loose gravel on the road


Gotcha yeah… was just trying to keep it down
12s 5:1 130kv 200mm tires - 24mph
12s 5:1 170kv 165mm tires - 26mph
12s 5:1 170kv 200mm ties - 31mph
12s 4:1 130kv 200mm tires - 30mph
12s 4:1 170kv 165mm tires - 32mph

The parts I didn’t want to change - 12s as I already have bms and charger. I have both 130 and 170kv coming… What doesn’t get used here goes to another build…

Idk… Either way this is a full MTB build…I only want to be able to climb hills and jump… no street… So figured reduction is king in off road… My brain hurts lol

Twins! Trampa E-TOXX Helical Direct Drive 12S4P Builds

I like your plan. This should be a sweet ride.

I don’t mean to try to steer the direction of your build (or maybe I do), but I like @Nowind’s mini drive suggestion, and the Holypro deck for weight savings alone. Since one of your main goals is to get airborne with this thing, and you’ve got a healthy budget, I think it would be really cool if you purposely built the lightest, most rugged, sealed drive, freestyle ESk8. Maybe even with a smaller, swappable low Ah, high C-rated Lipo pack for strictly jumping and “esk8 Park” riding? I’m envisioning this crazy powerful, near silent, bulletproof, helical direct drive board that can also be thrown around in the air with as little effort as possible. Kind of want to build one of my own now. Damn you @deckoz!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How fast do u think a 192kv on a 4:1 ratio would go?


@Deckoz I know kug has a DD kit and I want pneumatics, but lost my job and can’t really swing 500 plus shipping rn :confused:


Ya know… I’m normally not one to take suggestions in most of my projects, but I would be dumb not to take experiences of others, as I’m normally a “figure it out on my own” kinda guy…

Holy pro, and mini, and 165s making the board as light as possible is probably the right choice due to how much I weigh… And it’s supposed to go in the air…

Your also probably right about LIPO vs LiON… but I have the cells from nkon already…

Also your idea of a light board…dude have y’all watched Jens helical video :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I think you will be fine torque wise with 4:1 and 130kv. I’m about 100kg when riding with all the equipment and my board still pulls me up 40% hills (if you believe that we actually have those hills) no problem with 6374 encapsuled, so really only 6369, motors. If you pair this with the 165 tires you’ll be golden.


Yeah I reckon this would be the dream set up @Deckoz. You’ve got me thinking about my next build now and I’ve not even properly finished this one!!! :joy:

I’d build your li-ion pack as you’ve got the parts ready to go but consider how you could switch it out for Lipo and freestyle where you’re only doing low km because you love the board the lighter it is. It seems the heavier it is the bigger your jump has to be and the faster you have to hit it. I’d love to see an electric mountainboard light enough that you could 360 it from stand still. I can almost do it on mine…might try it without batteries to see if it makes a difference…hmmmmm I’ll try it out tonight as that would be a good test of weight difference! Not the most scientific obviously :sweat_smile:


Pleeeease guys don’t make me think of that I also need a light strictly freestyle board, I hate you :rofl:

That sounds good.
AFAIK these 6.5inch tires are more for street and hard surfaces. If you ride offrad you need more grip that’s why I would suggest 8" offroad tires, also the size is better for any obstacle. And for your calculations, the 8" tires are mostly about 190mm and not 200mm.