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TIE/ad x1 | 1st Build Trampa E-toxx (Australia)


this is really good video and it explains how parallel charging works really well.


My holiday project has arrived. Now to code the initial ride modes.


I haven’t seen the M5Stack before - looks quite promising and expandable. Have you used them before?


Nope, but up until less than 2 years ago, my day job for the 17 years before that was analyst programmer, so I won’t be completely useless. :wink:

I’m going to re-flash this one to run Micropython on baremetal though, so won’t be using the pre-installed Arduino platform.

Check out these pics, looks very promising and capable. Dual core too.


Presumably its for the esc? what exactly is it and whats for?


Its a modular microprocessor with WiFi, BT, 9-axis accelerometer, buttons and a screen with I/O ports to control hardware peripherals.

Initially I’ll use it between RX and ESC to control PWM, enabling different throttle/braking curves and modes. Then more capabilities later.


Does this mean that you can alter the amount of current that goes back into the battery, when braking, depending on the stage of your on-board battery?


No, it wouldn’t replace the capability of the BMS, rather add some to the RX, and then some of its own via other sensors. It’ll only be used to change the signal to the ESCs, later with input from optical and accelerometer sensors.



Be careful with APS 6384 200kV both of them got loose magnets within a 2 weeks

You mean, those spensive chinese motors ‘manufactured’ in England by a renown british electric motor company! :roll_eyes:


Launch control, boost when heading up hills, etc


Mostly limits and controls, boost can be done by the user, not sure I’d want to make the decision on when to boost, much more comfortable with limiting too much power though.


Objectives for this year:

  1. Finish ECU project to a working prototype, initially with only different engine response modes. Not sure where I’m going to find the time though.
  2. Increase range with more LiPos, while making it as easy to charge as a laptop. Need a BMS that can handle anything from 1S2P to 4S2P charge. Need to find a charger that can balance charge the same, or the BMS should be able to handle 65C constant 130C burst discharge.

Any help or guidance with number 2 would be greatly appreciated.


I would go with a charge only bms.
If you have the space you could go with a smart bms so you could set your balance values and other things how you want and also display the individual cell voltage via pc or Android app