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This guy is going too fast without gear: bad example


No. Cause people will see that video and the public response will be “e-sk8 is dangerous, outlaw it, or require insurance, or require license like motorcycle, etc.”

Something like that happening could do a lot of damage to e-sk8


That’s a hypothesis, and frankly not a very credible one. But telling him he CAN’T is just doing the same thing to him that you worry will hypothetically will happen to us.

These are important issues and need to be well thought out.

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to how people arbitrarily wanna regulate other people because they don’t wanna be regulated. There’s a book called Catch 22 you should read. Hell, pm me a shipping address and I’ll send it to you.


I’m not telling him he “can’t”, I’m saying we shouldn’t be clapping hands at the fact that he might crash and get seriously injured or die.
My point is that it will not only affect him, it will affect the whole community. That is something @onepunchboard may not have thought of when he said “YOLO dude”. Besides the fact that throwing clapping hands up for someone potentially injuring/killing themselves seems in bad taste to me


This is the thing. I get it, what everyone’s saying. But skaters are nonconformists, and don’t like being told what they can and cannot do. I think that’s everyone here.


Ok, I dig that…but it reads like you would if you could.

That’s your hypothesis. What I’m saying is regulating someone based on the assumption that their action could case you to be regulated is essentially EVERYTHING that is wrong with the baby boomer generation and they fucked everything up.


I’m in complete agreement that regulating someone else is stupid and I hate regulations myself.
My main point in that was that we should not be throwing up clapping hands to someone potentially injuring themselves.

You may have taken my “no” to mean he shouldn’t ride without a helmet. I intended it to be a “no” for onepunchboard seemingly encouraging him to ride without a helmet and potentially seriously crash


That’s cool, it’s hard to show emphasis when typing. It just read kinda tyrannical :grinning:.

Frankly, I agree. It’s a pretty stupid way to ride. The other side if my brain where the misfits, Hank Rollins and husker du live says we only have these broken down meat sacks for a minute so go big or go home.




First of all, I was being cynical about him doing it. sorry for my bad Humor

Two, it won’t be regulated because some idiot dies riding unregistered vehicle.unless california of course. it already breaks the law by riding skateboard on road.

Three, in USA alone about 30 people dies from longboarding every year, adding 1 more doesn’t change.

Let him ride how he wants, I don’t wear helmets either tho I don’t go above 25mph normally.
Maybe he has some death wishes,

Problem I see is people not keeping traffic law, this can cause other people harm.

Honestly I think 50 percent car drivers are crazy.
are u ganna say samething to them?

And I do not encourage anyone doing THAT!


Your regular tag doesn’t mean you can just go erratically changing people’s thread topics to something meaningless.

“Click here if you like colorful unicorns”

Come on man…


This would be a survival of the fittest situation. We all push him to wear a helmet and he taunts us by showing another video of him not wearing one (total troll. Stop feeding). If he falls and has a head injury, it’s his choosing as an adult. If he survives then he’s “fit”.

My fata$$ is on an Esk8 means I get no exercise,if someone tells me to get off and walk to increase my lifespan I’d tell them to eff off. Just because you want someone to stay healthy and survive doesn’t mean they have to listen to you. Just have to remember we tried and it’s up to him and fate at this point


Plenty of States allow riding motorcycles with no helmets. I think we all understand even with full racing leathers this sport and others like it have risk associated with it. Every piece of protective equipment you remove you assume more risk. No one says if I go ride without a helmet pants and gloves I’ll be safer… If this was a 13 yr old posting this video then maybe some internet counseling would make sense. But since this grown ass man posted the video we’re all just stating obvious facts and opinions…a lot.

Also it’s rainbow unicorns. Not colorful ones.


We call him an idiot! :slight_smile:



That’s a long straight away. God you guys shed so much shade. I’d out ride most of y’all :man_shrugging:t4:


yo funny dude!

ignorance is bliss…


I love the straights, don’t hafta bother with turning


Serious question…how come you take the sportbike line on nearly every corner?


because he stands 90/90 on the deck at all times (&pushes off mongo), he has to pick a medium slow line early and stick to it…


Lol. Not a clue.

What’s funnier is out of all the comments. I simply commented on your stance and how you ride. While everyone else is basically demeaning you for your choice of safety.

Yet you can magically “out ride us all”. Get off that electric and come do a DH run with me. Keep up sucka.