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This guy is going too fast without gear: bad example


after reading this thread repeatedly, and watching all of the reactions,

i have decided to start riding totally naked and in reverse with my knees locked at all times and my arms raised over my head waving the bible and screaming about hell.


Dude. Video. Naked and all. Lol


Yeah, pics or it never happened. A true sight to behold, hide yo wives!


you know what’s interesting… is i picked the perfect industry to not have to worry about bad PR.

For example, if i did this, then led the police on a 3 hour slow chase down a bike trail while offending every single person i passed in some way, made the news, got labelled a nut case, was ordered by a judge to seek help and became a meme… I’d sell the shit out of some boards. Nobody would give a shit they’d just laugh and ask me if i’ve tried those other wheels yet.


Hahaha. Amazing.

Because it’s highly probable lol

But if you really do it wear devil horns so you can also yell all hail skatan. A true embodiment


and we would all ‘out survive’ you in a crash! lol :slight_smile:


This would be pretty normal in Florida…


Doubt it. Lol


He dude, have tried those other wheels yet :slight_smile:


yeah… but who else has a world record setting skating goat?

  1. Florida goat skateboards into Guinness Book of World Records


hahaha… @onloop this could have been in your backyard…

  1. Florida man bitten by shark, punched by monkey (twice), struck by lightning, bitten by snake


I’ve had three of those happen too. But the shark was tiny and caught while fishing. The snake was just a black snake I stepped on. Lightning through metal framed window into my computer monitor and into my elbow.

I don’t mess with monkeys though


-Nice Build! 40/mph… holly schnikies!
-Great riding surface conditions too!

…But you will never have a chance at testing your theory of out riding most of us without protective gear.

you built a nice board, now lets see you build up your protection, it can be just as fun as building the board.

Good Luck man


Agree with you on the and appreciate it


Same goat goes Semi pro DH, to his demise. He was gonna be the next great thing… Even goats need a brain bucket. Very sad!


That goat needed full face horns! Absolutely nothing there to protect his goaty nommers. Very sad indeed.


At first it looked like a dick with arms holding a small board.


hope we never find out!, I neglected to say you way out build me



10 char


(I’m referring to a joke I made earlier in the thread)