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This guy is going too fast without gear: bad example


From your shadow, i would say you don’t wear a helmet? And you know you are definitely dead if you fall right? :slightly_smiling_face:


Shreddddddd :call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2:


I hear those Nike shorts have kevlar weave, badass protective gear!


please buy a helmet! makes me cringe to watch this !


This should not exist on the forum. He should be banned for promoting that kind of skating. Especially after the disaster we suffered last year.


I think he said before that he does wear a helmet, although I agree that the shadow suggests otherwise. Hope it’s just a misleading shadow


Bro I hope the cops don’t steer towards you, they are more ruthless… :policeman: :smiling_imp:


An idiot!!


A ban would not help. But saying skating without helmet is un cool and boycotting it will help. I hate the skate-board community’s lack of safety no helmets they make it seem awkward to wear one.


I still don’t understand how you skate with your feet straight across the board and no bend …


Weak legs maybe.


Even around turns… Knees locked. High center of gravity… I really hope you don’t get high sided dude…


When he crashes he would be up high and best case scenario his hands would have to crash from 1 meter high and cover his face damaging his arms and then brushed knees Best case.

But there is always the brain damage broken single arm Punctured stomach (Know a guy)


if a weird gust of winds comes he’s fucking done :rofl:


Stance. It matters.



Riding like that annoys the hell out of me because I have friends that think helmets are lame. Only a dumbass would be too cool to wear a helmet when you’re flying at 30mph and above.


I’m wondering, does he likes the attention this post is giving him, or is he just this dumb. Probably both :man_facepalming:.


Damn, that looks fucking fun.


You guys forget. Mongo.


Yo let him be, let him ride however he wants. And someday he will crash and make a Youtube video like Paul family’s “I almost die” or “suicide skating” He will be famous!
YOLO dude :clap::clap::clap: