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I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible, however it would take some work… Vedders is easy(er) because it’s open-source, idt mamba’s fw is open-source (correct me if I’m wrong) so we would have to reverse it most likely and then make a version that can flash


Well it doesn’t have to be the Mamba, whichever car ESC is the best candidate for a FW overhaul. Maybe contact these companies and see if any of them will lend their support. Better firmware = more sales, after all.

I’m extremely interested in a highly programmable and dead-reliable 8S ESC that can do 200A continuous. 6000W all for under $200? Sign me up.




Kiwis’ are getting it done. Indoor track 26 riders…


man i love the elevation changes, brings added challenges to riders setup. not to mention the amount of riders in the field… super jealous.

way to go Kiwi’s.


Indoor kart tracks are where it is getting done. Looks like a fun track, riders maybe not as fast as your last vid Moe, but speed isn’t everything.



We are gathering and networking in Sacramento for summer rides…I’m still pushing the bay area crew to put on races, they just scheduled a scavenger hunt I think…


@squishy654 maybe I should help you guys out putting one on?


I try not to be this guy, but I wanna brag for a min. I just hit 41mph. My fastest speed ever, as far as I know. It was frikkin incredible. The adrenaline has worn off so I feel like going to sleep :grinning:.


It’s weird isn’t it lol?


Yeah it is :grinning:


Racing in Redmond WA.


:+1: :checkered_flag: you going?


Redmond race is on the calendar…


Corner 1,2,3 &4 have the same radius and with ~320m between each looks to be a fast track :rocket:
Getting dialed in will be key, I have a fiver on you lapping peeps bro :joy:


Hey guys why does a shorter board go faster? My top speed on my 48" bamboo is 26 if I hold down my controller and that’s where I plateau… but I switched to my 40" (maybe 42") and it hit 30mph no problem and still had some speed but I backed off cause it’s dark and all I had on was my helmet and some shorts… same power train, motor, belt, etc… only difference is shorter board


Got me on this. Say your peak voltage is 50 and you have used enough batt to drop volt to 49. That is a 2% drop in top speed. I swear racing is faster in the dark.:checkered_flag::checkered_flag:


don’t make sense MoeBro , maybe some energy could be consumed by a flexing deck but… :roll_eyes:


Idk, but I clocked it on my phone and double checked it today before work, on my boat of a board it tops out at 26 consistently my short deck tops at 33 (topped it out omw to work) but if I stay at 33 it sags very quickly