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Any links to this massive 6.4 vesc? Would love to get a 4wd going at 16s, even if it’s like, 10k to build, lol.


This is the link. They are like $560 a piece. I’m not sure if the second batch price is going up to 450gbp or the batch after his initial 40 pcb purchase. This ESC is Overkill for eskate. Already weighs 800g

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yeah 10kw capable per esc x 4 is 40kw, to make use of that your going to need a 600a cont. 67.2v/59.2v nominal capable battery…
I like overkill but that is a 54hp skateboard… loco! :dizzy_face:

w/3.2kg/7 pounds of speed controllers

now if you were to take a couple and build a electric go kart :heart_eyes: that would be fun :crazy_face:

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Heatsinks are great. 37+mph, want to go faster, but need more aggressive gearing or 12s, but rarely go above 50C. Might have to zoom in to read all the stats:

These are the sinks I used, each one fits a focbox perfectly width wise, and there’s a bit extra length for extra heat dissipation. Cutting rectangles for each worked great + thermal compound between focbox and heatsink and a press fit with some thick neoprene foam. And they have a pretty low profile. If you like, I can share the link to the wind scoop cover thing I made for them.


ah man this makes me so happy.

I think this was actually the world first effort to bring the 2 worlds together, esk8 and downhill. And honestly we couldn’t ask for a better representation than you. Your set up, your approach and your effort are similar to that of IDF riders in a slightly different setting. Just wanted to thank you for that. This is something I wanted to do for sooo long. Sadly I don’t have quite the money or set up to do it as well. My carvon set up (2,5) just doesn’t quite hit the spot :slight_smile:.

So sad you are on the wrong continent. I would pick you up with our van and go event hopping with you. #bring MoeStooge to EU ! Just my 2 cents. Check for IDF races near you, with a week long free-ride and a race afterwards.
So you can fully unleash your inner speed demon and your set up in a setting that allows that. If I could I would take you with us here :slight_smile:

May by next year I can bring my gravity and esk8 set up to events and do similar stuff to yours. This is what I ment when I wrote 2 years ago, that I hope we can work together (esk8 and DH) instead of trying to separate !

Well done man, also how respectful you rode and waited for signaled overtakes, giving them room and time to get acquainted with you is beautiful riders etiquette. Just awesome man!

10/10 dude.,


Would travel to see Moe and his board going uphill at speed on some alpine downhills :slight_smile:

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Man I am totally going to that next year! So cool

So glad I found your comment Moe I never even knew there was a dh event here in SM!

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Thank @Alphamail, his idea and effort to be a bridge between. His connections and people skills opened that door up…


Good to see you back michibro, where you been?
Don’t you have internet in the race van?

Ehm. well live happened I guess.

Back at it though :slight_smile:


DIY belt drive hub for Race Wheels…


Test fit test ride. Great morning hanging out with @psychotiller thx man! ! Red Ember Boards on Surfrodz IMG_20180429_083948993|690x388


@MoeStooge what wheels are those? i like the size

Race wheel. We’re gonna try and get a few more sets out there… Application is stuck down no slide grip for racing… Ride is great but the downside is th wheel has an elevated roll resistance… being they are hand made to order I would like to put these in the hands of people interested in their intent first, Racing…


Ahh, well there’s no races around me but I’m trying to get a setup that will do race speeds

WR board build wheels will hopefully yeild a street version of the race wheel.


less foam?

Harder density foam harder duro rubber
. Maby crowned. WR wheels are on their way. Should see them monday.


Had I known, I would have told you to tell him. “I love the TSG SK8 DHP. Thanks”

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This is a more hypothetical kinda question prompt, but would it be worth it to implement our own modified firmware onto some of these car ESCs?

@MoeStooge’s suggestion for me to look at the Mamba XL-X for one of my personal builds lead me to find out about its (relatively) decent adjustability and data logging. So the thought crossed my mind, can we get it to at least the same level of adjustability/controllability as a VESC?

Like the dream here would be to have a car ESC with @Ackmaniac’s current/watt-mode instead of that Duty-cycle stuff.

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