The new BKB Tayto 31"


Hi, I’ve tried to contact you for the EU groupbuy for the Tayto last friday but couldn’t get hold of you because of black friday hype probably. The decks are still not at your place right? Could I still join the EU group buy for one then please?


Hi @JLabs, do you have any ETA or ETD ?
Looks like a pain in the A-- working with thoses guys


For reals, those guys need to speed up the game. This is my first board I’m building and the deck is the only thing I’m waiting on!


Photo courtesy of @psychotiller






Looks like they only need to have the bottom and the sides sprayed black and they are good to ship. Maybe if do another deck with them maybe just have it bare wood it would probably only save a few days but they do say time is money.


I spat coffee out :joy:


I’m lowkey tempted to buy one and commission you to do another orca :rofl:


I’ll take your money no problem for another orca haha .:rofl:


Should be able to ship to me tomorrow :blush:


Yes yes yes hurrah


Where are they shipping from ?!?!


West coast to east coast (me).


I was in for a spud, not tayo… will that one be available as well ?


can’t wait!!

still every time I see ‘tayto’ I want crisps…


Im glad to see progress coming along I finally got around to ordering mine today and I must say im very excited for it to arrive


I check this thread about 10 times a day hoping to see Jared has received the boards. Gotta keep patient, gotta keep patient, gotta keep patient


i paid for the boards on Friday, thar means they are done. Just waiting on tracking info


can we get them sprayed in a diff color?