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is chaput pressing these himself?

after they’re pressed, they still need to be cut!


Where are they located? Maybe someone of us can go and give a hand cuz with this peace meanwhile the might invent the real hover board from back to the future.

Jokes aside thanks mate!


@jlabs, weird question but how much does the deck weigh?


The spud is 3lbs so I’d say 3.2 lbs for the spud


The communication is getting better…


Sometimes I hate holidays :joy::joy:


I really hope I’m not busy when these decks come

Or in a different city or something like that


moon if you are about and still doing the eu groupbuy im interested.


Hey, not sure if I can add people to this. Ask @jlabs maybe


thanks moon, have something in the pipeline already


Were you able to join? I’m also very interested in joining the GB for a Tayto to the EU. I sent him a message but no reply yet, maby I did something wrong I’m new here.


He is probably busy with Black Friday stuff…

I am the one that would be shipping the decks to you btw. Read more here


yeah I know I’ve read that. I filled in that form but maybe I’m too late :slight_smile:
I’ll wait for a bit I’m in no hurry.


Oh right, I dont check those emails much, let me take a look


any news?



I was told they were being cut Monday and Tuesday.


that means, till which time you expact them to be delivered to you?


I had a customer back out of a full Tayo kit that includes absolutely everything you need to build a high performance dual motor board. Please contact me if interested.


If your interested in a kit to build the board above please PM me!


I can attest to great service from Jared at BKB, I’m a newb and he answered lots of questions for me! 10/10 would suggest products from Build Kit Boards