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Unfortunately not, that will have to be done on your end.


has anyone on here actually ridden a Tayto 31? If so, im curious how stable the deck feels at decent speed, like possibly 25/30 mph?


Probably @JLabs that is the first production run. I’d think it should be similar to the spud but with the kicktail.


Thanks for replying! I’ve also never ridden the spud, is that pretty stable at speed?


very much stable based on what ive read plus you won’t really feel comfortable standing on a 30" or so deck at speed either way


Its really all about your truck/bushing setup.
I have a spud and I’ve topped it out at 28mph, takes some getting used to on such a short deck but I’m comfortable cruising at 20-25mph.


It is basically a smaller baked potato from JET


@JLabs I assume you don’t have the decks yet. I am in the EU groupbuy @moon is hosting for the Tayto deck. Would it be possible to add calibers II and 2 motors to the package you’re sending him so I don’t have to pay shipping twice?
Thanks in advance


Remind me when the decks arrive (I will post). If they fit in the box I will, if not I’m not gonna ship another box.


Okay and yes ofcourse I understand completely if they don’t fit, Thanks!


Tracking numbers in hand! Coming UPS, about one week


Will you have just enough for the preorders or more? I’d like to get one but probably not until after the holidays.


I ordered a bunch so I should have more, but I’m not sure how many. You guys picked up a lot of decks on pre order.

The price will be normal ($10 more) once I receive the decks, so get your pre order in if your interested


Shipping will cost a little extra from me and packaging wont be as easy :sweat:


I’m fine with a little extra shipping cost but please if it’s too much of a hassle don’t bother. I was just informing if it would be possible :smiley:


Hi mate, did you have them ?


6 days ago

*edit. This was in response to the guy above.


patience. its monday morning at 8:30 AM.

having a tracking# doesnt mean shipped.

lets not forget we’re talking a fuckload of decks here. probably coming ground freight from CA to PA. takes a week easy - shit ain’t amazon.


They are out for delivery!



race on to get the first build posted I imagine, can’t wait to start seeing them in use :slight_smile: