Buy FOCBOX Unity




Nice. @JLabs are these getting shipped out beforw or after Christmas?


Great !!!


Oh shit, just got the notification for tayto’s shipment. @JLabs thanks a lot for making these happen.


Same here!




Giggity, I hope I get my notification soon. Hint hint Jared


Batch one down, these are just the ones with labels. I have another stack of international orders waiting on labels because the shipping system was being finniky with them. Tomorrow…


Thanks for the hard work jared I’m waiting on an international order but Id just like to say that the board looks awesome


Just to help you remind to see if it would be possible to add this to the EU groupbuy box with taytos:

If the trucks don’t fit maybe just the motors? :slight_smile: Anyways if nothing fits I absolutely understand and I might just order them separately.


Thanx @JLabs


I was more excited to get the “package is sent” text from Jared than a text from the cute girl who lives in my complex. #priorities


You’re not the only one

#176 cool,
Can’t wait !
You will make all the international shipment tomorrow? :slight_smile:


can you put a Tayto and SPUD side by side?


Less than 5 Tayto’s left!



This picture make it look quite a bit longer, it really isint.

@Toleg should be able to finish everything up tomorrow.


thats what she said


Update: don’t even bother to check if that stuff fits. My impulsive ass decided to go for raptor hubs :sweat_smile:


Can anyone let me know what sort of foam/sealant I should consider getting for use in swapping my Wowgo 2s enclosures onto this board (since I imagine there will be a rather large gap on the edges due to the concave)? Also welcome recommendations on where to buy the foam.

On the flip side, would it be better for me to just buy one of the enclosures Jlabs is offering to hold both the 10p2s battery and ESC? If doing that would I need the single or double depth enclosure?