Buy FOCBOX Unity



I use this stuff, it’s a couple bucks at Home Depot in the window section.

The single stack should work fine with that esc and single cell packs


Measure the battery, to see if it will fit any of his enclosures


I’ve been mashing refresh on the usps tracking and my package is 1 county away. :open_mouth:
Hoping to get it tomorrow.


Hello, did you send the boards for the EU group buy ?



Got mine! 10c


nice… about to place my order as well!


Could someone who already has their board check these measurements for me?

I found a really nice enclosure on sale but i think it might cover the wheel wells.


I have it now.The distance between the 2 trucks in their furthest position it about 20 7/8" and its 9.5" wide after the wheel cutouts.


ive got a new spud doublestack enclosure. anyone want to trade their spud single stack for it?


@JLabs any uptade on European order? Have you shipped them to @moon?


What trucks are those?


No updates given to me


I think sender or mmaner might have one


Those are E-calibers


Looks like there’s about 17" between the cutouts, and thats about 43cm.
the enclosure is 44cm long so that would be a bit of a problem…


@JLabs has the Eu order all packed up but is waiting to send until after Xmas.


I wanted to see what it’ll look like, definitely excited. Aside from the dual 6374, 16/40t, 11s3p, I’m really excited to create the aesthetic. I’ll remove the paint on top to bare maple, stain it ebony (so the grain is still visible), epoxy a solid copper piece to cover the kick tail, paint the motors metalic copper, and place the charging/loop key inside the risers so they’re not seen.
(And yes I know the trucks are on backwards)


Damn dude! Looks good! I’m surprised that that wide trucks don’t look terrible on the smaller deck, awesome!

Also be sure to flip the back truck the other way when you officially bolt everything down, I don’t want you to get the wobbles on the first ride!


Yeah I was nervous too! I need some taller risers and a lot of speed rings to fine tune the motor system, along with some adapting the enclosure to mount proper to the deck with the battery, but I love the way it looks. What I really need is to learn how to wire evening up, got a lot of reading to do, don’t want to fry any components.