The Electric Boarder Thunder in the Mountains Colorado Event


You’ve all been waiting for it and we’re finally ready to get this whole thing moving! The Electric Boarder Colorado event will be a 4 day event with a 5th optional day for the people staying long. Thanks to build kit boards for getting us our early deposit.

The dates have been set for June 12th to the 16th!

The fees will be set at $75 for early registration fee which ends last day of January. The normal fee will be $100 per rider, also if you pay full price during early registration versus the $75 fee I’ll make sure to throw in some swag upon your arrival, however, this is not required and I will accept $75 fees.

Looking for volunteers as well, if you’re interested please reach out to me to discuss and I will give you $20 entry for the 5 days.

Sponsors who are interested in setting up a tent or stand for their products at the event, we will set up areas for you on multiple days, fees will be set at $400, if you are the owner of the company your sponsor fee will cover your rider fee as well. I will also be setting up stock races for sponsors who want to let people try their boards in a stock race. These races are specifically for you to show off your boards and give riders a chance to try them out on a track.

If you are the owner of a company and don’t want to pay the sponsor fee then just come out and ride and show your stuff off in person and no tent.

Please send me your full name or a clear identifier so I can get you in our registration for the event. The fund to register can be found here at:

Feel free to PM me or comment here with any questions.

Article I wrote on the upcoming event: https://www./2018/12/21/esk8-squad-mountain-thunder-colorado-2019/

(Edit section)

#1: All paying sponsors will be listed as official sponsors for the event and will be added to posters etc…

#2: Event promoters, these are sponsors looking to put more funds than the required $400 for the event. If you are interested we will be doing higher tiers for vendors who contribute a large amount and will give them first choice of tent spaces during daily setup and promote your company to the top on any ad posters and can discuss other benefits. If this is an interest for you to be a direct promoter for the event, please contact me to discuss further!

#3: Current event sponsors:

LongHaired Boy/ Esk8 News
Build Kit Boards

#4: Website coming soon with more information!

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Thunder in the Mountains ID Shirts

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