The Electric Boarder Thunder in the Mountains Colorado Event


Sign me up


I’m in, but need a more firm date as this is a 1800mi road trip and most likely a week to take off work.

And if things go good, I’ll be doing it in a rebuilt vw bus so gotta leave 4 days early to account for breakdowns. lol.


right on my wife’s birthday…this is gonna require some thinking. Paris Renegade would’ve been an easy sell


I can’t give an exact date until we can set an exact date, that requires funds. If the dates really don’t end up working for you I am more than happy to return those funds to you though. If 25-40 people went in immediately I could set dates by end of the week. Best case scenario we make the deposit by January if that doesn’t happen.


Thx for setting this up @Lunasi it will be epic!


i’m paying up tonight for two people.

Also, save some @onloop for me to bear-tackle-punch.

I mean we may need to have a mud wrestle pit for all this love we have for Enertion.


You know what would make good money?
Lets rent a dunk tank.


You animals have any idea how much money we could raise by repeatedly dunking @onloop?

We’d have Orlando/Tampa 2020 paid for in full a year in advance.


I currently have 140 hours of vacation time…I’m not letting work run my life and prevent me from coming to this event!!!


Not to mention that 80% of your customers that are unsatisfied :rofl:
No but for real. Lets rent a dunk tank. It would be good fun


Just Paid!

Hopefully the date gets move a week so I don’t have to explain to the wife that I’m leaving her with the kid on her birthday


Woohoo! Time to start saving some money for plane tickets and shit. I’m gonna be so broke at the end of next year after going to 2 esk8 events lol.


i’m jelly. Wish i could see you guys race at barrett junction.


‎ ‎ I’m sold



10 char


Ill try and figure it out.
I definitely wanna go.
Got family there and family on east coast that wants to meet there during the evening.
$$$ tight atm. Try and get $100 sent by the 1st.


Plane ticket for me would be around 450€ :scream:


Life is short, memories are forever. And the injuries could be forever too, but we don’t think about that.


chicks dig scars, at least thats what my Mamma always told me. She said I was good and handsome boy too, so she might have been lying. :slight_smile:


It’s always worked for me