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The best decks for DIY eskates (2018)



Love that ollin


I really badly wanna get either the Switchblade or Ten Two Four but alas seem to be sold out in most places, doesn’t help I’m in Aus


Make what you like. FRP is fun.


For me personally the Landyachtz Switchblade will always be my favorite eSkate deck. You can get either the 36”, 38”, or 40” deck to have it perfectly cater to your stance and have foot pockets to lock your feet in place during hard acceleration and breaking.

It’s not as low as the Evo when top mounted so I can easily fit a double stack 12s5p battery underneath with large wheels and some 1/4 inch risers. Plus, when I top mount the deck I can use the hole where the trucks would go as a perfect spot to put a battery meter so I can easily judge my range without getting off the board. Great for 20+ mile rides.

Here are a few old pictures.i really new to take new ones sometime since I upgraded to an eswitch and better cable management.


How did you find that enclosure fitted to the shape of the deck?
You know I’ve got a switchblade and never even offered up any of the enclosures to it!


I actually just made the buck for a mold that will perfectly conform. I will post pics and how I did it sometime next week!


Is it safe and stable to ride a loaded vanguard flex 2 30+ mph?


Not at all!!!


Wym, is it just wobbly and can i fix it by tightining the trucks?


When you hit things at 30 mph on a flexy deck, instead of the board jumping as one piece and being pushed up onto your feet harder, it oscillates, think about a trampoline. There’s a fair chance it’ll send you flying off. And the top is so flat, no concave. Not a great way to be locked in @dougpage


Thanks for the response!


Sure thing man… do you have a list of decks you would like to build with?


Stiff downhill boards can also get the wobbles at high speeds due to bad truck/bushing setup or poor technique. A flex board at high speeds would be more difficult to control compared to a stiffer one.

These topics helped me:


No, i have no idea. I really wanted the vanguard or a flex deck. Do you know of any decks that are good at high speeds and have a at least little flex?


Thanks for the info!


I have heard the loaded basalt tesseract is a sick board. It has some flex and I know people downhill it


Do you know of any good 12s enclosures for it?


Its the same shape as the original tesseract, so I would hit up @Eboosted or @bigben


Thanks do much! You have been really helpful!


Sure thing man. I try!