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The best decks for DIY eskates (2018)



The Boosted Mini X was such a huge disappointment that, in all sincerity, I wouldn’t replace it at half the cost.

This build was selected to make it easy to skate; very forgiving design.

Thanks for the tip @squishy654 on the Akashas - we’ll go Smurfy this Halloween.


Do you guys think one has too much rocker?



I do think, in answer to the OPs question, that the most successful new deck of 2018 to esk8 is indisputably the new Landyachtz Evo Falcon.


that deck is choice, I’ve never seen one before


Omen Barbarian love the drop deck, feels like I’m in a tub

NeverSummer Reaper love the W-concave

I want to give land yacht Charlie horse a build


I wanna see someone use this deck:

I would, I just don’t have that kind of money!


OMG they have a CF version, yeah I know it’s not the best due to vibration, but at 210+lbs I can flex most decks https://shop.ccs.com/powell-peralta-byron-essert-frog-carbon-longboard-deck?gclid=Cj0KCQjwl9zdBRDgARIsAL5Nyn32UEN4XuklXBlXpCMEDvLrQp1i26dPUgBo2_82TCoPKAmMzrqnUo8aAl-fEALw_wcB


If you can flex the regular one you’ll be able to flex the carbon at least Imo. Tho the black is sexy.

I’m like maybe 180 pounds with all my gear and I can jump up and down as hard as I can and all I feel is bushing compression.


Have you got a picture of the recurve from the top, and the battery enclosure/ wiring channels ??


+1 for the charlie horse.
Loving my prophecy still


Some decks that I’ve been riding recently on some production esk8s and DIY which I absolutely love.

Landyatchz Ten Two Four
Landyatchz Wolf Shark
Landyatchz Switchblade 40"
Powell-Peralta Kevin Reimer Samurai

I prefer to have decks that are 36-38" in length being 5’ 8" and also 9.5"-10" in width. I like decks that have micro drops to lock your foot in and also W’s to give my toes something to dig. It’s important to find your style and base your deck selection on that.


I got it coming to test it out…


This ^

The micro drop w-concavity is my favorite at the moment. Note as the drop gets bigger stay away from inner mount belt drivetrains. Instead go with reverse mounted belt drivetrain , direct drive or reverse mounted gear drive and use risers.


Hey I’m new here and am going to build my first DIY esk8 soon. I have done research and because I really wanted hub motors after riding the raptor 2 I bought some hummie hubs and a focbox unity. I really want a flexy deck because the roads near me are pretty crap and the riding experience seems better for me. I am just not sure if it is safe to run a flexy deck 30+ mph. I am currently thinking about the Loaded Vanguard flex 2 beacuse 42 in. deck but idk. Any suggestions? thanks.


Ahem ahem :joy::joy:


I would say that we are at a point in which integrated and purpose built decks will become the norm. If you look at the logistics and cost of producing an enclosure for a specific deck then it becomes prohibitive. You have to keep up with current trends and produce along those lines. Unless you’re Alan in which case you can set that trend by building something using a specific unit and guarantee that a damn good proportion of new builds will use the deck you last did.
Integration is the future of esk8 and I’m guessing that this is the whole point of this thread.


I’m in love with my moonshine sidekick, you guys need to try it out to understand me, having a kick tail helps a lot, the 35" is perfect unless you are huge, the shape is sweet, the only thing I’d change is the color oof the border to matte black


I actually see a different trend. A trend towards “toys” and “tools”. A lot of folks want 15S75P batteries and 22" tires for a board that weighs 75kg and can climb Pikes Peak in 2 minutes but only when it’s sunny and dry and hot. These are not practical for daily use as a tool, but I think it’s important to distinguish between the two. A cheap China hub motor board isn’t practical either, because reliability is King in the “tool” world – nothing is more important.

toy: fast, far, tires
tool: reliable, light, polyurethane

And the deck choices I think will begin to mirror this… the integrated deck choices maybe even :wink: (just as soon as someone learns to put the enclosure lid on the bottom, because water travels downhill)


Metric features. No Freedom Units on new standards, only existing things.


Who is this who has given you this quest?