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The best decks for DIY eskates (2018)



have you seen the moonshine tucker or rum runner? hard to find in Australia. thought?


Also a fan of this. I haven’t ridden many decks but Madrid Trapstar will always be it for me. The drop at the front and the narrower W at the rear without a drop just feels right. I have 7 degree Khiro shock pads to keep the front baseplate at 50 and the rear at 43. Anything else just feels wrong.


With a HAYA integrated deck and ill be happy for now :joy: next 2 builds at least


What’s the deck on the left?


Here’s the 3 best Subsonic boards for electric builds.

Subsonic boards can all be ordered as custom builds, including different maple ply counts for flex, and carbon fiber, or fiberglass layers, and custom staining. Every board is CNC cut and shaped for accuracy and hand crafted for a furniture grade finish.

Century 40 is a drop deck with lots of room for batteries because of its length. You can order it with extra plys, or carbon fiber and/or fiberglass layers to make it stiff, or if you want some flex we can adjust, based on rider weight. The rear has a second set of truck mount holes to allow for zero degree setup, and can also be used for rear mount belt motors.
Talon is available as a 36 or 37 inch board. It is a drop deck that has a small kick tail, and an appealing shape. eBoosted offers an enclosure for the 37 Talon. Make sure we know that you are interested in electric skateboards, so we send you the 37 inch one. Talon can also be customized for flex, composite layers, and finishing.
Spirit 30 has a more aggressive kick tail, and smaller size for easier carrying and storage. It probably won’t take enough batteries to go long distances, but would make a great short distance commuter using hub motors.

If you would like to see eBoosted enclosures for Century 40 and Spirit let me know and we will look into it.

You can explore the options for a custom board at:


You sure you need that hyperbeast? :rofl:
I can help you if you not


The shadow 37 tho…
I really like that.
Been really wanting to redeck my 31 inch.
Got my eye on a few different decks. Moonshine, Rayne, Muirderer… and now subsonic is on my radar.
Choices choices.
Who ever has a good sale first will probably get my money lol


That spirit 30 looks great, how does the kicktail feel with that truck right under it?


Seems like it would be more of a wedge for your back foot then a true kicktail.
Help you keep locked in


Hey what’s the difference between Century 36" and Talon 37" apart from the kicks?

Cause the lil’ Century looks dope. Do you have EU resellers?


that deck looks really good, I don’t think a rocker is an issue

my daily ride… Lush Machine X


Subsonic Skateboards

Century 40 Longboard Deck or Complete

“Subsonic Skateboards Production Century 40 longboard: Hybrid Push-Pump, 2 inch dropped platform, 7-ply maple w/ embedded fiberglass, wedge/dewedge system”

The 2 inch dropped platform makes esk8 more prone to impacting motors. With risers and reverse mount, it will help. I like dropped down decks, I lean toward micro drops. Drops are for pushing/pumping, not a lot of pushing on esk8.

The deck is camber. Camber and high speed do not mix well. Negative camber(rocker) or flat would be my choice.

This deck could be used at cruiser speeds, don’t recommend for high speeds.


I received The 44 yesterday from Red Ember Boards, super size :slight_smile:!
Thanks @treenutter


I have a Talon 37 and GT 40 on order with @Subsonic_Paul and I’ve ordered carbon-fiber tops for both Subsonics because I expect the necessary torsional rigidity to be there with carbon fiber (at the expense of a little concave, naturally).

Our 2019 T37-6380 “Lightfighter” prototype will be a @psychotiller 13S3P with @tabbytabb’s ARC200 in an @Eboosted enclosure, driving a single @torqueboards 6380 (or the new TB Dual Direct Drive) turning Dexter’s new 110s.

Keeping it pure. :slight_smile:


That is a monster setup!

T37 is a great choice for that setup. Personally I have not been on a board with tapered concave. I like how it’s less drop over the century, concave, and wedge/dewedge.


I currently own a nice Century 40 with Don’t trip poppies on it and 85mm mango speedvents. I had to use risers just to get the sides of the deck from hitting the ground when pumping and I feel it would be a poor eskate due to the drop and lack of clearance for the battery and motors. If it was a micro drop, sure it would be nice for eskating but it’s just too low.

As for other Subsonic decks, highly recommended, they make some of the best decks I’ve seen in the market and they listen to customers and they custom make just about anything you want…these guys are are a class act!


I have a Evo deck for my fast board and a arbor drop through for my evolve diy build. But I want a Tayto for a small 10s3p build


You just explained my requirements :grin:


The prism origin decks are sick.

They feel like the Jet decks but a bit longer, space enough for 10s4p and dual vescs if you use a small riser they work well with up to 93mm wheels (If such thing exists)

Damn stable, and a dream to build on.


Its a jet vulcan 37" kick deck…hyperbeast in middle will never be for sale lol and jet spud on right