Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

Tha Crumb | Earthwing NLS Deck | Caliber/Indy Trucks | SK3 6374 Single Motor | Custom Mount | 10S4P | FOCBOX


and look what was waiting on my doorstep…


Nice dude. I’m actually envious. I mean I got mine and it wasn’t cheap and it was used. I’m not upset though, just had to do some touching up on it. I wasn’t great at it either, lol.


I’ve wanted one for a while. Definitely hard to find. Which one do you have, the same? I am actually envious too, because I am building this for my son. Screw it, I’m taking this sweet sweet ride out for its maiden voyage :smiling_imp:


I cut these pieces of paper to match the footprint of the 20 batteries. I had them on my NLS and the superglider actually has more room! At 10mm thick I think it will make a nice slim single layer setup. I may have to change things up for wiring, enclosure mounts, other components, but I am going to shoot for single layer. At least single layer in the middle, I could get creative and go taller near the base of the trucks where clearance is not as much of an issue.


I have a green one I found on Ebay. Most of the super gliders were overpriced and in Europe. I’m about to post some pictures on my topic in a bit. My main goal for my deck was a nice quality one >34" and with a tail. This was about the best I was getting for it’s nice shape.


Sounds very good. I will definitely check out your build. Yes mine was more than I wished to pay and in NL. I was so surprised, I ordered it on Friday morning and it was sitting on my porch today when I got home. I thought two weeks, not 4 days…


Put some clear grip on it. I like it, we’ll see how it works

I have most of the other parts coming in this week, The only remaining item is the enclosure. I have some ideas for that…

Motor mount is out for welding


Bearings and mounting hardware came in. I was able to mount the trucks and wheels. I used a wedged riser on the back and a couple shock pads on the front.

Just as I was going to go for its first ride, my boy comes out and snatches from me. He goes for a spin, and not being used to the wide stance, gets thrown by getting tripped up in the wheels while pushing. I gave him some crap and then it was my turn. I proceeded to go thrown myself from wheel bite…karma…

I changed the bushings around and wheel bite isn’t a problem… I think…


It’s a really great ride. One of my upcoming concerns is the enclosure. What are your ideas?

The deck has some flex, which is nice but to keep it you gotta not have a long and stiff enclosure. What battery setup are you using? If it’s LiPo’s, I guess it won’t be too difficult to work around, but a big set of the Li-ion presents slightly different set of challenges. I’ve seen what other people have done. I’m curious about your approach.


I am using Lipo’s. I am going to use natural cure silicone to glue them directly to the deck. If you check a few posts up I have a picture with a draft layout of the batteries.

I have a couple ideas for the enclosure that I am zeroing in on. I don’t think they are typical.

One idea is to use a Plastic sheet and machine it to match the bottom of the deck, then machine out pockets to fit the batteries and etc. A couple ideas to match the deck are 1. Use a CMM to model the deck and use CNC mill to machine. 2. Manually use a router by matching deck contour using deck as jig.

The second idea which I will probably go with is to only machine a raised perimeter, think of a 1/2" or so tall wall a 1/2" wide that runs the perimeter of the enclosure area. This would make a basin in which the batteries will lay inside. Then I will use a .080" thick aluminum plate as a lid. The lid will install on to the raised perimeter.

Both of these options will stiffen the deck and I am ok with that. I like option 1 because the full plastic bottom will be buttery slidey and super durable. The negative is that I think the machining will be very difficult and I will need to start with a very thick piece to match the contours and still maintain depth. The second option is simpler but I worry the aluminum lid would not wear very well.

I think in your case since you are planning on making an 18650 pack I would make a flex pack using silicone, adhesive fish paper, and flexible connection methods. Then use a kydex enclosure either self made or by a member here.


Here is a crappy cell phone pic. Silicone down the batteries. Will upload better pics when I get some time…


This one is better, had to read the pulse width range to better scale the mapping. Now at fully counter clockwise the lights are off. Twisting clockwise runs through the colors. Full clockwise is a rainbow effect.


I went out for a ride with my son just now. The board ran great until it just stopped working. I checked the focbox and had no lights. I tried pulling the loop key and cycling power on and off but got nothing. I didn’t have a volt meter but my battery looked ok. I came home and checked the battery, it had 40v. I plugged in the loop key and it powered up just fine. Its running fine. Blue power light green signal light.

Whats up with the focbox?

Here are my settings, I think I will change battery cutoff start/end to 36/34 for the lipos.


Nice build brother. I have a build on Indy 215’s and abec 76 mm’s as well. It’s on a reissue cabellero deck. Loved all the custom work. Your wheel pulley is super legit. Really well done.
I’m an electrician as well, built my first battery this year. Went with a spot welder and more of a bus bar style p group connection.
Curious what you did for an enclosure.


Thanks man, I would really like to see your indy build. Also I’m interested in building a spot welder for my next build.

I have some pictures of my enclosure, I just can’t find my card reader! I ended up milling side rails out of plastic and tapping for a delrin? Lid. Its super sturdy. I could board slide it!

I found the problem with no power to my focbox was a bad tab on one of my lipos. The factory spot welds a longer strip on to one of the tabs and it worked loose opening the circuit. It was my fault maybe. Due to not providing enough mechanical support of the battery. I had siliconed the batteries but the silicone was only adheared to a plastic film on the battery. I fixed this by soldering the tab back together and using foam to support the batteries.


Had them machined, then put a custom collar with the exact od to fit the alien mounts. It’s a really fun truck. So lively compared to caliber trucks.


Very cool, thanks for sharing. Is that some welding on there?

How long is the cab deck?

I do have to say I love the way this board rides. I do run the indy in the back and the cal 50 in the front. My son and I were riding yesterday and I really prefered this build over the evolve. Such a great feel.


Hey man! Been wondering how the build is and if you’re enjoying it or not! What’s the word? @MD84