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[Text Responses] No words…just pictures delete words!


Replacing the battery wires? Lucky the fire wasn’t larger and the wires didn’t melt together


The battery wires were melty-ish too but nothing like the motor phase wires. Those look like they were blowtorched.


Those are phase wires that melted?? Holy shit


The “Holy shit” for me is that the fire and burnt connector isn’t what caused the failure. Also that the shorted phase wires didn’t break the ESC is unbelievable.


And the underside?


What happened?


Just waiting on parts its a new build


All those connectors tho. Adding series resistance. Would be a big nope for me.


On that immortal technique flow, tech9, tech deck! Love it


hehe yeah I’m a huge fan of Felipe Andres. His flow is insane and the instrumentals are out of this world.


Is no one going to mention the crooked carbon layer?

I think the deck is cool but that carbon layer needs to be near perfect.


Beautiful work.


It’s like mach1 batteries all over again, although this is not alextech… I wonder how many of his batteries look like this.


This is the amazing work from kevin dark…
Payed 228£ for this…


Maybe a bit more context would be helpful.


Just search for his name on the forum


What are you doing here mate? :wink:


Realized all the parts i took off my riptide just fit on my old Santa Cruz deck.
Figured why not.
Need caliber trucks, 50xx mounts, thinking 90mm or smaller wheels.


I know kevin dark. I don’t know how that battery came to be that way though.


Then you’ll have a noob board for lendsies or for the wife to learn on. Good idea
I’d go for as small a wheel as you can. Keep it easier to ride and improve the torque.


Nice size comparison!
how do the 30T perform?