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Battery was used for 3-4 cycles then it stopped working. This was what we found when we removed the heat shrink.
So it’s unusable…
Looks like way to thin strips that couldn’t handle the current…


You got a build thread for this? @Owen


@brenternet you thieving bastard.


It’s one of my old prebuilts. The connectors have already been replaced by solder now


Thanks. I thought they’d looked narrow and thin.

10mm x 0.15mm is what I used.

How does the rest look?

@darkkevind Do you want to chime in here and perhaps tell us the specs of the strip you use?

Even if the nickel isn’t what it should be I wonder what kind of force caused this to happen?

Was the battery used under a flexible deck? And if so was it built for a flexible deck configuration?


Don’t know. I don’t dare to take it apart, don’t want a l fire🔥.
I need to find a professional in Sweden to fix it and pay even more :frowning:


Well taking the tape off should be fine if you know what you’re doing.

Those are 20700b cells?


In a facebook group there were pictures of another KD battery. Don’t want to post them up here as they weren’t my pictures, but from what could be seen in those pics, that battery was a fire waiting to happen.
Batteries with burn marks (shorted?), crappy insulation, loose welds, welds that had burnt holes in the nickel strip, sharp corners everywhere, nickel sticking out over the insulation on the positive cap, damaged shrink wrap (on cells) and so on.

Looked really ugly. I just hope Kevin has stepped up his game since, or else we probably have quite a few ticking battery bombs out there.


Oh dear. I might have a look there.

How dear he make shit batteries then and sell them.

Well I don’t wanna start another shit thread so I’m not going to mention it anymore.


Those are beasts they outperform the 30Q by 233%


do they top out at 35A discharge or can they output more?


@Darklinks Have you fitted pulleys to the Centrax?


i think that’s a push board. @b264


I was assuming/hoping there were some e-plans for it :smiling_imp:


That’s the first time I hear this. I thought he delivers quality


I wish it was possible to do it for this wheels they are the best but it’s my downhill freeride board. The only hope we have of getting any where close to it happing is when @okp make some pulley for the 78mm Venom Magnum Mach 1 Cannibal :pray::pray::pray:


Idk. All I’ve seen from him are these few less impressive batteries, plus the pictures he posted himself on here.

Maybe he took on too much work which affected quality? Maybe this was early work and quality has improved since?

Whatever happened here there are no excuses for this. He’s not a 16 yo hobby builder, and imo selling these batteries as a “professional battery builder” is borderline scam.


ehhe working on it. I’ll this done.




Nothing to do with the new motor BTW. It’s as easy as using left over lipos from HK packs of various ages. Then despite using BMS to charge simply bypass that garbage for discharge. Don’t monitor cell voltage at all and hope the VESC LVC will magically save the day. Go for a ride flat out to test range. Then when it LVC kicks in point a hill and send that bitch. When you hear a bubbling noise get busy undoing the screws and find a source of water.
Have a giggle while spraying with water and hoping the neighbours don’t call fire brigade
Leave it outside over night assess the situation some other day and start over
The end.