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[Text Responses] No words…just pictures delete words!


That what caused the damage in the first place not a skateboard fall


:open_mouth: :scream:

that cable protection looks just like tinned copper braid… Is that actually metal or is the picture deceiving?


Looks like braided wire to me. Hopefully its braided rubber hose. Its almost worth the short risk for the look though.


You must have me confused with someone else. I’m hung like the proverbial donkey and the only racerstars i’ve ever owned I gave to skunk. You’re thinking of @brenternet hes hung like a marmoset and loves little baby motors because too much speed messes up his bouffant.


It’s stainless steel wire wrap with protections around spots underneath


I would cry lol



You should buy some plastic tubing and have that on the inside to prevent shorts


Yeah might be a good idea, I actually already have some I just need to apply it


I love the look of the stainless braid, the extra faff of insulation is worth it for the look.


What’s with that black stuff?


It decreases electrical resistance :wink:


Apparently, it was on fire. It smells strongly of fire and mold inside. But shockingly, the connector fire did not cause the failure. The failure was caused when the blue and green wire shorted through their melted insulation. Plastic insulation. This failure was directly caused because the prebuilt manufacturer did not use silicone-insulated wire and they did not use big enough wire. Either one would have saved this from happening.


Who is the manufacturer??


Honestly I think the only reason the fire went out is because of lack of oxygen inside the enclosure…




Ouch. That’s a surprise coming from him. How much current were you drawing?


I had it on maximum power level, at full throttle, somewhat uphill, for 2.3 miles, carrying about 25 lbs of groceries. I don’t usually take this one there, but I did to try something different.


I’m sure he’ll replace it. I heard that he’s also switching out his esc in favor of vesc.


It’s already halfway fixed… I can’t believe the ESC didn’t die when the phase wires were shorted out.