Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

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AWESOME !!! :heart_eyes:

But he is also a monster :smiling_imp:


Exactly. Plan is 13s on that rig…

Just wait until the all raw gear drives come in…


Yeah, that guy :face_with_monocle:
But this one is made for our application.

@akhlut first test one.


After seeing all the Hummie motor builds and your board here, I have come to the conclusion that I really like different color wheels front to back.

It is just cool.

Edit: Oh yeah, sorry about your belt. :cry:


Fully admitting my fuck up after examining my loop key set up with a clear mind and beggining to make a new one I realized that I hooked up the antispark wrong and instead of jumping positive to positive I hooked up positive to ground. I take full responsibility for my fuck up and I’m actually relieved it was something I did and not an actual component failure.

Just to make it clear I made a correct loopkey but I mixed the Vesc plug with the loop key plug and blew it up.


Your lucky your battery is a beast and could output the current demand, a smaller battery would have fried


My battery didn’t even get warm lol


Thx man!! I’m glad it got to you safely!


Don’t feel bad, I plugged a vesc up backwords once, it went kaboom :grinning:


I guess I’m lucky, I connected a flipsky backwards a few weeks back and it just made a funny noise it still runs fine tho. I guess it’s lucky I powered it with a lab psu


Is there a reason vesc’s don’t have reverse polarity protection?


Money I would assume. It shouldn’t be needed unless you do something dumb :grinning:


Well the verdict is in, both front Focbox blew DRV chips but the 2 rear survived. I’ll be running 2wd for a little bit lol now I’ll have real insane range.


Send em to @JohnnyMeduse, he will fix you up.


Oh I will get them shipped out by the end of the week I’ll pop first to see if it’s even fixable.


that pretty much says it right there @Kaly


How did you the focboxs blow from shorting the battery? Were they connected straight to the battery and you shorted the pos of the vesc to the neg?




Love it :-))


No only positive was connected to the Vesc no ground that’s where the loopkey should plug in. I guess the giant spark from shorting the + and - with the loopkey killed the drv ships.