Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

[Text Responses] No words…just pictures delete words!


about 350 USD + import fees that i will receive in a month for 10 pcb’s


don’t forget to order new probes!!


Protect your board with PacSafe :wink:


Jesus mary and joseph
On one hand its gonna be one hell of a clean build
on another
thats the cost of the board

More power to you!


:man_facepalming: I thought that is a Christmas light net over the deck mounted to the wall as decoration :joy::see_no_evil:


Great imagination


Why is it so expensive? Because of size and 2 OZ (or even more)?


Damn that’s a great looking hard wood floor.

I grew up with a floor like that in my parents house.


I got no work for this …

Perfect MTB deck, and [word] longboard deck!

I want to hit the like button 1000 times !


Dam Ernesto :star_struck::sparkles: That look insane !!!

There there are too many awesome boards right now on the forum! :smile:


@Sender, remind us again, which RedEmber (@treenutter ) deck is that?

edit: I think it’s the RedEmber Xapham




Yup, Xapham.

I told @treenutter this, and I will tell all of you. This is fucking art.

This thing should be $350. Minimum. It is insane.


@Sender Do you have a photo of the camber?


That is the point
On this forum we just make dope shit :slight_smile:
Biggest R&D department around


i tell him that all the time.

i know you want to ride that, but you should mount it on the wall like the masterpiece that it is.


@Kaly and to think Frank said it looks like the HS11 ugh.

Your deck is different and better designed for our application like the concave for us with no bindings.


@Kaly that the first one? looks great! cannot wait to see it first hand!


It’s just me or … ?

:yum: I’m in love with these colors !!!
@Sender … it can’t be better I guess, congrats’ !! It’s going to be a legendary esk8 !


Hell yeah!

Build Name: Sullivan