Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

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I think I may be screwed it said drv failure but the drv chip looks fine I did blow up some fetts and it may not be repairable. @JohnnyMeduse may I have your opinion on this?


Look more than just blown up fet, look like the trace is also blown… which is not really good :grimacing:


At this point they are not repairable?


Hard to tell, if there is too much damage under the fet they might be hard to repair, and could always be problematic at long term.


This is cool… would you print me a bracket and pulley? how much?


Wow, I’m surprised the vescs got killed even though they weren’t shorted. Maybe a large voltage spike on the positive line


Water and belts man, they just never seem to work out.


Yeah that’s news to me.

Unless you’re @b264 iceman. Of course snow/ice have some similarities to water so I guess I could have known.

They did work for the first 36 min but it started to rain heavier and heavier at the end hence the water spray.

The first one broke at 16:14.


@adman that shit looks sick!


Great, now I want that enclosure CFd. Thanks a lot guys


I got cha, fam


Just so you guys know, the pocket on this Xapham is unreal. I feel like I don’t even fucking need griptape.

It is a wider stance. So damn appropriate for a high speed rig. Cannot fucking wait!

2019 gonna be lit!


2019 I got a hollow tech Charlie horse to build with lights and I plan on getting the 44" bludgeon from Red Ember for a nice cuiser.


This is so clean @Mikaelj . Mind sharing which tkp you used? 8mm or 10mm and how long are those axles?


Shoes off!


Thanks @brenternet. It’s tkp with 10mm axles 60mm long. Standard tkp kit from


Thank you. Length is ideal, I’m going to order these tonight for my tayto build.

12 or 15mm belts?


It’s 12mm belts on the pictures, maybe room for 15


I’m fine with 12mm, want it to be as light as possible and have loads of bits for it laying around. That looks really neat too.

I was going to experiment to make something like this, you’ve really helped me out. Thanks again


I’m a little over 6’6" so 199cm tall for you EU guys lol