Stooge Race Wheels


ROFL. You made me snort beer, not cool. :grinning:


You got the 50mm streets! :yum::metal: (you also got your cat’s hair; is Dyson time in home sweet Alabama!!) :smile::wink:

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal vacuum


wow, I don’t know how you will say that but, this is seriously sick looking board … and entire setup.

Edit : you got a buildlog updated ?


They look sticky :slight_smile:


Here is the build thread.

I need to go through and update some stuff, but I can no longer edit, so I will tack it on in a comment sometime soon.


Thanks Tim, I will catch up :wink:
… and I also ask MoeStooge, he put me on the inquiry list for the next round :relaxed: