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Stooge Race Wheels


ROFL. You made me snort beer, not cool. :grinning:


You got the 50mm streets! :yum::metal: (you also got your cat’s hair; is Dyson time in home sweet Alabama!!) :smile::wink:

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal vacuum


wow, I don’t know how you will say that but, this is seriously sick looking board … and entire setup.

Edit : you got a buildlog updated ?


They look sticky :slight_smile:


Here is the build thread.

I need to go through and update some stuff, but I can no longer edit, so I will tack it on in a comment sometime soon.


Thanks Tim, I will catch up :wink:
… and I also ask MoeStooge, he put me on the inquiry list for the next round :relaxed:


@MoeStooge i know its probably pretty far off till your next batch. But do you think you’ll do another run before Colorado in June?


These wheels look incredible! Love the design. In the future will there be other sizes closer to 100mm? Also, I plan to use a gear drive-train rather then belt powered, and wanted to know what the mounting design would be so I could make an adapter to properly connect the hubs to the drive-train?


He already ride it geraed too on some racerbuild :wink:

Moe could make almost what you want I guess ^^


Oh prefect!


It’s like you have been reading my mind. More to come on this later.
@uigiroux shoot me a PM about your setup


And people ask why reinvent the wheel…


That’s basically F1 tech (dual duro compound) man, huge!


Thinking about getting a set of these from the manufacturer. Do you know if they are more efficient than a similar sized urethane wheel? While I like to go fast I also like to ride as long as I can on a charge.


@chaka Best of luck with that.


OK… So you do not know the difference in efficiency? Not trying to be hostile with you, I really want to know.


Start reading man.
To be honest the only thing I needed to know was “Moe has developed wheels he sells”

(edit: best of luck is I think on you going direct to manuf)


I already did that but nobody has given any efficiency data.

(edit: best of luck is I think on you going direct to manuf)

It doesn’t make sense for me to buy the adapters since they wont work for me. I want to make my own adapters.

Besides, it didn’t hurt my feelings at all when the community wanted to do a group buy direct to manufacture on the wheels we sell… If there is a double standard I should be following please fill me in.


being the fastest everywhere is the pudding


I get that, but if these wheels cause me to lose 10 or 20 percent of my range I don’t want to waste my time making adapters.

Anyone have some numbers?