Buy FOCBOX Unity

Spiral Bevel Gears Gearbox


ebay DE, better for you.

edit: (chinese vendor, just look for some gewindepasstift or similar)


Thank you, the link provided by @bevilacqua .
Yes, this is what I bought from Taobao.


Do you have the taobao link for those? :smiley:
Or their name in chinese? :stuck_out_tongue:


This one


Awesome! Thanks!!


How’s the progress?


Sorry, I have been busy with work recently and have not updated.
But I test it on the road every day.
I will be releasing in February.


hi, so is anyone looking to set up a drive to run a single axle on both wheels, like a vehicle axle, its a completely new truck design but ultimately it would be more streamlined, waterproof and in terms of building a board would simplify the whole process


This has been covered again and again, please search

Good luck getting something like that to be completely waterproof, thats going to be quite a few gaskets/sealing rings or whatever theyre called.

If youre already making this, good luck, and if you havnt started yet, build off of what those previous to you learned


Would it tho…


how much do you think you’d sell a gearbox for in feb?


$150USD tentative price, expected to increase


Nice pics. Will you update this thread?


hope to get a pair


Drive looks awesome.


I am anxiously awaiting the release in February These look awesome!


you’re doing a great job “reinventing the wheel”


I think the thing I like the most is that you should be able to have larger motors on standard sizes trucks.


Exactly. Narrow wheelbase but still big motors without going diagonal


Plus the fact that they look like tail pipes coming out the back. Could you imagine 74’s or 80’s coming off of 150mm or smaller trucks