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Simple 3D-printed NRF remote - Arduino controlled



My charge module got super hot and basically fried when i accidentally reversed the polarity of the lipo


Did you remember to change the Rprog to a 5kOhm instead of the standard 1,2kOhm? The 1,2kOhms resistor set the max charge current of 1A, which is way too much. A resistor value of 5kOhm limits the current to 250mA.


@chinzw, I know that you use the proto M0.
Would you mind making a diagram of how to wire the oled, micro switch, hall sensor, and nrf module for me please?
I really don’t want to blow anything up lol!


And also @solidgeek, I don’t see how the pins on the 328p are the same as the nano?


I did not, i dont have these small resistors. But i may have made another wiring mistake which is only when charging…


This would have caused the lipo to overheat… Not the charger I think.


Soldered up a receiver board… Nice and neat

But I accidentally stripped one of the solder pads… Sigh so had to jumper it via a wire instead… should still work I hope…


Which BMS model is that? Do you recommend it? I’m in the market for a 60+ amp 12s BMS.


If anyone wants some high quality 3D prints I can do a small run of SLA ‘Tough’ resin on my Formlabs Form2.

I just printed some abec pulleys and they came out fantastic and dramatically stronger than the standard resins which are brittle.

The ‘Tough’ resin is apparently as strong as ABS.


Wow that’s awesome! Maybe you want to print the remote? Is just the last part what I need.
Well and 3d printer also need :grin:


I’ve been getting a few PM’s about prints. I’m based in London, UK but can ship globally for cheaply though my business (e-bikes for those interested). This resin is absurdly expensive compared to filament but I did some quick calculations and I can print a full remote for £34 shipped to uk or 57usd shipped anywhere in the world.

PM me if you want one and I’ll send PayPal details. I’ve already done a few prints for other forum members.


Can I use this nrf module:


thats the one im using cause i had em laying around


Have u had any break ups or connection issues?


Because also that one isn’t pa lna


havent made the reciever yet, so i dont know yet. Still waiting for a connector cable.


How would I wire that module. I didn’t see any labels for the pins in any of the pictures on eBay



Great thanks!!


On the arduino that I’m getting it only has 2 3.3v outputs. I found a hall sensor that can work at 3v and so can the oled but I still need another rail for the nrf module. Can I solder the oled and sensor both to the same 3.3v rail?