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Show me your pets


Get stuffed…that’s funny…:rofl:

Classic shot…Looking very innocent…


Indestructible toys my ass!


Haha! Explodable Toy, more like :joy:


he was feeling fiery today for some reason =P His name is Puff…


I used to have a bearded dragon named puff as well! Happy guy


seemed like a natural name for a dragon!


My grass eater Bellos.


This is Daryl. He’s okay for a cat. Kinda treat him like a dog. He’s a dick, but can be trusted with the baby so i guess he’s a good boy.


This is Hexer (=Witcher in german). He actually was called Hexe (=Witch) before we got him. Hexer is blind on both eyes but get along with it well :slight_smile:


Well done mike…

You’ve got a good heart…:heart:


Always a big help while building stuff :joy:


I sister in laws has a cat that’s a dick. If you put something down on the table he will jump up on the table and bat at it until it falls on the floor and then look at you like he wants you to pick it up for him




They also double up as dinner, but that’s it I’m not Welsh :joy:


To my Welsh friends, I’m truly sorry, in fact my name Alan is Welsh for some reason. For the still stumped by this silliness, I saved you a Google search

Oh and Australians too? You learn something new every day




I like to lead a person to the gag, it’s funnier, but thanks


This little cat has been around now for at least a year.


mountain lion? and that’s a stinker if I’m not mistaken, the other things is a deerbottom? all good pets


Yes! A muscular one. ALot more citings in recent years


Wiener dogs FTW