Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

Selkie: HAYA deck • Hummie hubs • 13S • Proton +++


The 16A ones are tiny, but JST-PH.

There are 2 wire (common charge/discharge) or 3 wire versions. Get the 2 wire if bypassing discharge.

Cheap. Waterproof.

EDIT if your bms doesn’t balance, the balance wires are just for cell over and under voltage protection?


where you get it? I got them before but cant find the 13s version anymore.

curious how having one with having so many more connections, what happens when a wire breaks and maybe even shorts the cell and damages it and then you don’t know and charge it. I guess glue it well or something. Its nice to be able to touch the cells while charging or a temp sensor on all of them could be send to the vesc w Bluetooth right?! maybe hopefully possibly yes


I think this is the one I bought.


Yes just for voltage protection. Think I’ll try the waterproof one thanks


so obvious but I never considered this! great tip :slight_smile:


All this talk made me look again at the 3 BMS I have here, none of the them balance :no_mouth:

Lucky I haven’t installed yet


What? I thought all bms did balance charging.

Didn’t know you had to specifically check for it.

Haven’t checked but it seem to me that most do balance though right?

Like is it not rarer to find ones that don’t?


I guess you have to watch it with the diddy ones


Switched out the yoga mat for some 1mm sticky back foam, much better and elegant too

And hopefully third times the charm

I found a roll of 98A TPU it is much easier to print with then the coral so switched after a few layers :sunglasses:

Still going even with the brim come loose, I’ll leave it run


I can print TPU quite well on my printer if you can’t get it printed.


Cheers Jon, you may live to regret that offer :joy:, this is a prototype, looking at adding wings


Don’t fall for it! :slight_smile:


Looks like this, switched to PETG

But will look more like this,not sure if I will include a the name as font is wrong & changes etc

I like it now


PETG ftw for risers. Don’t be shy about posting the stl. :slight_smile:


Wanna get it reasonably sorted 1st


So I was going about switching the rear baseplate of the Hummie drive from the Paris 50deg to a 35deg Randall and could not get a line-up.

It turns out the Randall only have old school pattern which is really jank as you can see, hoping that @drangboards can help me out there when they get more PNL stock.


Still working this design, need to bring up the wing 3.8mm to meet the base of the deck, otherwise just about there.

The beauty of these 83mm hubs is a low wheelbite coefficient,.or something.

Take a look, there’s a 5.5mm charge port, 5 X 5mm LEDs, in translucent red to maximise rear lighting, the possibility is that the entire unit may glow a little from the LEDs, if not then Red increases speed 14% anyways.


To my knowledge the old randal plates dont fit the new randal hangers. I might have one or 2 slots left for 23 degree PNL plates, I’ll be receiving them tomorrow and then I’ll total up everyone who’s buying.


@Hummie’s motors use a hanger which essentially is a Paris v2, at least it came with a Paris baseplate and the front is a Paris v2, is should be modable im hoping


Here’s the newer wing which I already sorted out, seems like the mess won over tonight


Yeah, PNLs would work for that. Check out Rogue trucks too. They make low angles. Not sure on surfrodz, Aera, Skoa, or any of the others on geometry.